UPDATE: Photo Of Phillip Hinkle’s Craigslist “Sugar Baby” PLUS His Questionable Version Of Events

Last week we told you about Phillip Hinkle, the married, anti-gay GOP State Representative who tried to hook up with an 18-year-old boy via Craigslist. That boy, Kameryn Gibson, says that he exposed the politician because of Hinkle’s anti-gay voting record. That’s good. But he also says that his M4M Craigslist ad looking for a “sugga daddy” was just a joke. And that’s bad.

The problem is that Gibson isn’t telling the truth. If you look at Gibson’s version of events in the Indy Star, you’ll see that he sent Hinkle to sexy shots of himself showing his underwear and asked Hinkle what he could give him for a night together. Gibson then says that Hinkle picked him up in a car, took him to a hotel room, and that the two talked for 15 minutes while Hinkle wore nothing but a towel.

Even though Gibson used his adopted sister’s phone to arrange the hook-up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was in on “the joke.” In fact, nothing in Gibson’s initial version of events sounds like a joke. After all, what 18-year-old gets into an old man’s car, visits his hotel room, and sits and talks with him mostly naked for for just a joke?!

Prostitution is a crime in Indiana and it now looks like Gibson wants to avoid possible legal troubles and public embarrassment by claiming that his Craiglist ad was just a joke between he and his sister. But in doing so, he has also undermined his own credibility.

In fact, the e-mails and call logs on his sister’s phone legitimize the “sugga daddy” transaction between Hinkle and Gibson, undermining Gibson’s “joke” claim. Hinkle has already said that Gibson and his sister are merely trying to shake him down for money. If Gibson was only joking, then Hinkle can continue painting the boy prostitute and his sister as liars who merely conned the politician to get whatever they want. That is, if we can’t trust Gibson’s initial story about meeting Hinkle, then we can’t completely trust anything else Gibson says either.

It’s unlikely that Hinkle will fight this story; most likely he’ll resign before the week ends. But if Hinkle does decide to fight it, Gibson has given him a huge exit; something Hinkle can use to escape while dragging his 18-year-old sugar baby through the mud.

Image via MOC Blog (NSFW)

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  • Mike

    So the anti-gay bigot is really a closet case and the ho is really a ho. Are we supposed to be surprised that the ho’s a ho?

  • Robert in NYC

    Another damn republican hypocrite!

  • Greenluv1322

    Listen guys lighten up. Kam is a kid. This story is not the way anyone wants to come out. Maybe it was a joke that got really really really out of hand. It’s obvious that he thought it went too far when he called his sister with the S.O.S. Give him a break you really should remove the story before you cause a bully-cide.

  • Brentwood

    Saying the posting was a joke doesn’t undermine the kid’s story at all. The emails and phone calls paint a more truthful picture of what really went down.

  • Brentwood

    Also, calling the kid a “liar” and putting that into the title of your blog is extreme, to say the least.

  • another mike

    @Mike: the “ho” is an 18yo kid, unless you’ve walking in his shoes, cut him some slack …

  • Fitz

    Joining the chorus here– it’s hard to be 18. And this is a lousy way to come out. And if he was doing sex work, he needs something more from us than name calling. AND.. I don’t even disparage sex workers, but that’s a whole other kettle.

  • another mike

    @Mike: why are you guys so mean to kids? what did you expect? that some 18 year old kid would handle this like like the HRC PR team?

    as for calling the kid a “ho” … accurate or not, have you walked in this kid’s shoes? kids usually don’t sell their bodies unless they’re desperate, in one way or another … given that unemployment rates for african american males are running between 15-20%, I suspect this kid doesn’t have a lot of employment options.

  • ewe

    Delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a black prostitute on top of everything else. I LOVE IT.

  • ewe

    Just a spoon full of (your own) medicine makes the republican go away. the republican go away ayyyy. the republican go away. Buhbye.

  • Bron

    Yuck. No wonder the hustler’s price was so low.

  • dawn

    listen, the kid is just trying to keep from getting into trouble. duh. and who can blame him? what do you think his experience has been as a young black punk v. old white dudes, which, inevitably, cops, lawyers, prosecutors and everyone ‘in charge’ ARE? calling him a liar and undermining the veracity of his story are harsh. and stupid. and baseless. the kid trying to say he isn’t a prostitute right after he tried to prostitute himself doesn’t have anything to do with the actual events here. and posting that compromising picture of him? shameful. you guys suck. i have a lot of sympathy for that boy. lord, is this ANOTHER media outlet shifting the focus off of a perverted old white guy and trying to question the legitimacy of a black kid’s story? nothing like blaming the victim, eh?

  • Randyism

    Sigh: “between” is a preposition. Therefore, its object must be an objecticpve case pronoun. As any seventh-grader can tell you: this should read “between him and his sister”.

  • Randyism

    Sigh: “between” is a preposition. Therefore, its object must be an objective case pronoun. This should read “between him and his sister.”

  • Bron

    I sort of agree that the kid’s pic shouldn’t be put up here. Hustlers often like to do things somewhat discreetly, and if he’s in a black community then having male sex (whatever the reason..) won’t go over well. Might even be dangerous for him.

  • dan4

    If this stupid and scrawny whore didn’t want his name and picture publicized, he and his pimp/sister shouldn’t have gone to the media. He can’t have it both ways.

    Hinkle deserves to get trashed for his role in this, and so does this ignorant prostitute.

  • JKB


    Lighten up Francis!

  • mikenola

    @No. 12 · dawn

    so the kid is trying to keep out of trouble,,,we got that….yep the headline here is “riveting”, we got that too.

    Neither of which changes the body of the story, that by lying and trying to pass off his adventure as “a little family fun between him and his sis” he really opens himself up to a great deal bigger problem.

    The prostitution charge could only stick if he and old dude admitted to having sex for money.

    That won’t happen.

    That leaves an “attempt to solicit” charge which may or may not pass muster in a court. Without agreement on price and play the most they have is old dude bribing a kid for dick and the kid saying no.

    Just think for a few minutes.

    If the old dude decides to fight this he will LOSE bigger than he already has. The Dems and us Gays won’t let it die a quiet death. He won’t get re-elected and most of this religious “friends” will run for cover.

    If the old dude just resigns and keeps quiet, this will fade in less than a month.

    Now here is the fun part, the PD and DA, unless they are on a hunt to take down the old dude, are not likely to press any serious charges. If they do, then they are showing colors that will end them in deep shit.

    The National Gay Legal systems and ACLU will land with both feet firm and fairy wings flapping, Pink daggers drawn and financial blood will flow.

    The funnest part is the old white dude will be rapidly pulling every string and every favor he can to stop the PD or DA from filing. He knows he cannot withstand the scrutiny and so does the PD/DA and entire conservative base.

  • Thomas

    So it’s either prostitution or extortion.

    They will both get what they deserve.

  • Darryl

    Give me a break. Kam saw right away that Hinkle was “an older gentleman”, yet got in his car. Then Kam went *FIRST* up to the hotel room 15 minutes before Hinkle. So what exactly did he think was going down? Kam is obviously trying to cover himself, but this in no way exonerates Hinkle. This is a married pig, who not only opposed marriage equality, but openly opposed civil unions and resoundingly condemned gay people. Yet he was looking for boy penis at the exact same time. That is not some tragic victim, but a man who thought he was above others and could taste the sweet cock meat while railing against demonic gays (just like Ladybird Bachmann).

  • Bron

    Darryl : I agree with you. They’re both liars. One is a trashy hustler (the Craigslist hustlers aren’t doing it for necessity, they’re just doing it for extra money or to make an easy buck- which is fine, I’m not putting that down- but they’re not “victims”) and Hinkle is a sleazy closet-queer who doesn’t even have the sense to seek escorts through a discreet agency).

  • chad

    Thank you Greenlove,
    All of these mean-spirited comments are a little suspect to me.

  • DeGuyz in Mississippi

    Maybe he can get help from Bachman’s husband. Together they can pray their gay away. We sure don’t need those people.

  • delurker

    @chad: the mean comments are from goproud [email protected] upset that a politician whose politics they support went down. they are really upset. let them grieve.

  • Riker

    @delurker: False. I’m a gay Republican and I hope they nail Hinkle to the wall (and not in a good way). When one of our own fights against our rights tooth and nail, I have zero sympathy when they get caught.

    @Brentwood: Are you by any chance from Brentwood, NY?

  • dan4

    So, we’re “meanspirited” for pointing out the fact that this prostitute and his sister were too stupid to think this through before they went to the media?

    They got so caught up in exposing a horrible and creepy man (Hinkle deserves everything that’s coming to him legally, socially, and professionally), that they didn’t realize Kam’s name would also be public too.

    Stupid prostitute and his stupid pimp/sister!

  • Julie M

    As I read it Gibson wanted to expose Hinkle for being a hypocrite. He accomplished that. How he did it wasn’t the best but another anti-gay Republican takes a dive. So hurray for Gibson for making that happen.

  • timothy

    Ummm what?
    Clearly this boy was in a hotel room with a politician who was prepared to pay him for sex. There is no getting out of that. Is the kid an innocent victim… um no he’s a prostitute. Was any of this ever a question?
    If I had to guess they actually stole the things tried to blackmail him then when he refused to pay leaked this story. I’m 100 percent sure no person politician or otherwise is going to offer someone something with all of their contacts in it as payment to keep quiet. He really could have just left and said I have no idea what those people are talking about they clearly are guilty of theft, and quite frankly should be charged.

  • cal

    As pointed out by Brentwood way up at #4, calling the whole thing ‘a joke’ does absolutely nothing to change the facts of the story. He is trying to color his intention, but the fact thread remains the same. It doesn’t matter whether it was a joke or not. There will be no prosecution here at all, of anyone. There cannot be a prostitution charge without an agreement for sex and money. That didn’t exist here, as authorities have already said. Additionally, sex never took place.

    Hinkle’s charge that this is a ‘shakedown’, however, is serious and alleges another crime. Unfortunately for Mr. Hinkle, it seems unlikely that any prosecutor would consider this a shakedown if Hinkle (and later Hinkle’s wife) offered the gifts and money in exchange for silence, as opposed to them being demanded by the boy and his sister. Not to mention it is beyond ludicrous to suggest that this was some kind of plan of theirs.

    I’m guessing Hinkle will back away from accusatory language. The fact set as-is is unlikely to lead to any prosecution. It doesn’t even seem like any charges will be filed. It’s probably in Hinkle’s interest to resign and go away without further comment. I’m also guessing Hinkle will arrange (legally, through lawyers) some sort of payment to the boy and his sister to buy their future silence on this.

  • chrism

    The tone of the article somehow appears to put forth the argument that if this was a “joke” then Hinkle wasn’t really trying to hire a hustler. Regardless of the intent of the craigslist posting the old dude was trying to buy sex and shouldn’t be allowed to play like the innocent victim of a “shakedown”. I’m rarely in favor of police operated “stings” but they do frequently catch people who are looking for exactly what they are offering – in this case, although the police were not involved, old Hinkle got himself caught and is now looking for a way to get out of the mess. Sorry folks, they kid can be a hustler or a practical joker, makes no different – Hinkle arranged for a “date” and now he needs to man-up and admit to what he has done.

  • Mike

    The comments asking me to cut a guy trading money for sex slack is hilarious. I don’t have to be in GOProud to call a spade a spade, or in my case, a “ho.”

  • JKB


    Have you tried meds?

  • dan4

    JKB: Shut up, you dumb cunt! If you aren’t happy with all adults here giving their feedback, you should fucking die. You’re worthless.

    You like that better fucking cum-stained and retarded cunt?

  • tina

    First of all, I think this “boy” making big boy decisions has bad credibility. Seems a bit trashy too. And having your sister fight your battles for you?! None of this makes sense, i mean who gives away their cell phone?! All details seem fishy. I still would like to hear Hinkles side of the story. This “kid” is playing with fire. And forever ruined his own life with his own stupidity. I hope this “kid” gets what is coming to him for ruining lives. I dont oppose what Hinkle did either. But your in the closet for a reason, and really its no ones business. However you get off, who cares. Live your life how you want. Karma is a Bitch. But I hate all the prev comments “leave him alone, he is just a kid”. Thats bullshit. He’s an adult! No pity on this slut.

  • JKB


    Are you flirting with me?

  • dan4

    JKB: You’re obviously Kam or maybe even his black trailer trash sister/pimp, right? Just a little pissed that everyone in your hood now knows you’re willing to take it up the ass, aren’t you? Gonna make life on the streets hard for ya, hooker.


  • JKB


    Okay…now you’re turning me on. What are you wearing?

  • destardi

    both of these freaks make it harder on everyone else. Both of them are disgusting…yes, the HO and the hypocrite both.

  • fdan

    Phillip Hinkle can now see nude photos and videos of Kameryn, whose stage name is DeJuan Diamond, at, a gay adult website featuring black and Latino boys having live sex. Kameryn Gibson has joined CocoDorm as an Exclusive Model.

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