UPDATE: Photo Of Phillip Hinkle’s Craigslist “Sugar Baby” PLUS His Questionable Version Of Events

Last week we told you about Phillip Hinkle, the married, anti-gay GOP State Representative who tried to hook up with an 18-year-old boy via Craigslist. That boy, Kameryn Gibson, says that he exposed the politician because of Hinkle’s anti-gay voting record. That’s good. But he also says that his M4M Craigslist ad looking for a “sugga daddy” was just a joke. And that’s bad.

The problem is that Gibson isn’t telling the truth. If you look at Gibson’s version of events in the Indy Star, you’ll see that he sent Hinkle to sexy shots of himself showing his underwear and asked Hinkle what he could give him for a night together. Gibson then says that Hinkle picked him up in a car, took him to a hotel room, and that the two talked for 15 minutes while Hinkle wore nothing but a towel.

Even though Gibson used his adopted sister’s phone to arrange the hook-up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was in on “the joke.” In fact, nothing in Gibson’s initial version of events sounds like a joke. After all, what 18-year-old gets into an old man’s car, visits his hotel room, and sits and talks with him mostly naked for for just a joke?!

Prostitution is a crime in Indiana and it now looks like Gibson wants to avoid possible legal troubles and public embarrassment by claiming that his Craiglist ad was just a joke between he and his sister. But in doing so, he has also undermined his own credibility.

In fact, the e-mails and call logs on his sister’s phone legitimize the “sugga daddy” transaction between Hinkle and Gibson, undermining Gibson’s “joke” claim. Hinkle has already said that Gibson and his sister are merely trying to shake him down for money. If Gibson was only joking, then Hinkle can continue painting the boy prostitute and his sister as liars who merely conned the politician to get whatever they want. That is, if we can’t trust Gibson’s initial story about meeting Hinkle, then we can’t completely trust anything else Gibson says either.

It’s unlikely that Hinkle will fight this story; most likely he’ll resign before the week ends. But if Hinkle does decide to fight it, Gibson has given him a huge exit; something Hinkle can use to escape while dragging his 18-year-old sugar baby through the mud.

Image via MOC Blog (NSFW)