Saints Linebacker Jonathan Vilma Tweets He’s Not Into Femmes

Don’t let scandals about steroids, domestic abuse or dogfights throw you, football players know what’s what when it comes to being a man.

Jonathan Vilma, a 29-year-old linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, took to Twitter last night to lay down his rules of manliness.

“Grown men should NOT hav female tendencies. Period.”

Hmm, that’s a pretty short list.

When the Twittosphere blew up in response, Vilma tweeted an equally well-thought response:

“So of course the homosexual men get sensitive to my tweet and respond all ticked off. RELAX I was not referring to u guys”

So, does that mean he thinks homosexuals aren’t men, or that it’s okay for gay dudes to have female tendencies?  Saying “of course the homosexual men get sensitive,” doesn’t exactly underscore your point that you’re not being homophobic.

Oh Christ, here come the waterworks! (Sorry, we get a little emotional.)

Since we’re not avid fans of football to begin with, we can’t say boycotting the Saints would have much effect. But Vilma is also spokesman for Under Armour, and if there’s one thing gay men understand, its the importance of good underwear.

Maybe Under Armour will consider his words unmanly?

Image via Tulane Public Relations