Sally Kern Scrubs Gay Son?

Uh-oh! Could foul-mouthed Sally Kern’s secret be out of the bag?

The Oklahoma lawmaker’s homophobic remarks have been the talk of the town recently, especially her assertion that gay folk are infiltrating schools to indoctrinate children. And, sensing a critical national spotlight, Kern made a very suspicious change to her official government homepage.

If you compare a March 4th cache and today’s version, you’ll notice that Kern and/or her staff deleted a biographical sentence mentioning her two adult sons, Jesse and Nathan. Obviously our warning bells went off, so we did a little digging and found something quite queer.

Consider comment seventeen on this Tulsa World article: “How come no-one asks this “supposed” christian woman..about her own GAY son? The one she basically has dis-owned…ahh so christian.”

What?! Kern and her Baptist preacher hubbie had a homo? And they disowned him? That’s some Alan Keyes shit…

A little more digital detective work dug up numerous postings naming Jesse as the outcast offspring. One even recalls Jesse’s time at Oklahoma Baptist University, where he was apparently “the biggest queen on campus”:

I find it hilarious that Salacious Sally is such a bigot. Her son Jesse was the biggest queen on the campus of OBU in the mid-90’s. Twice he almost was expelled for making inappropriate advances in the library toilets. When he wasn’t cruising the toilets he was in the glee club and a piano major…there’s your sign.

Another comment, punches holes through Kern’s religious extremism and suggests Jesse’s homosexuality pushed Sally Kern over the edge:

Jesse Kern, Sally’s son, was raised in a strict Baptist environment. If your claims are true then you must blame her and her husband for his turning out that way. Most gays aren’t out there breaking the law and engaging in public sex acts and solicitation. Jesse chose criminal behavior to act out on his desires.

I see in this foolish woman much anger and resentment. Her beliefs are challenged within herself, because if she stands by them then she must accept her part in her son being a homosexual. She isn’t strong enough to do that. Instead, she has created a paranoid delusion that there is some vast conspiracy of gays infiltrating schools and governments to turn others gay and force their lifestyles on everyone. Her subconscious has created this great gay evil so she doesn’t have to blame herself and she says her son as a victim.

Had the gays infiltrated Jesse’s school and indoctrinated him then? Funny, how he attended Baptist schools. His attendence [sic] at Oklahoma Baptist University was marred by his repeated censure for cruising the school’s toilets. Had he been able to live his life openly he would not have had to engage in such actions.

Woof. Those are some allegations! And potentially disastrous for “family friendly” Kern. It also makes you wonder how Kern and her ilk sleep at night – and whether they understand the concept of “hell”.


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  • Woof

    You go Nancy Drew

  • 24play

    Oh, Andrew, you got me. Even I have to congratulate you on sniffing this out.

    It burns!

  • Kevin

    Thank you.

    But haven’t we learned from countless so-called “religious” and anti-gay types that they ALWAYS have something to hide when they come after us? Nevertheless, great detective work.

    PS My biological father, the one who abandoned me and my unwed teenage mother just months after I was born, is a hardcore Republican activist and “Christian Conservative” organizer in North Carolina. I’ve tried to open a relationship with him, but he won’t return my calls (and he doesn’t even know I’m gay).

  • jeeb

    What’s that sound I hear…? Why, it’s Karma, driving a cement truck…and it’s headed right for Sally Kern.

  • Chris

    It’s a shame that something like a genetically encoded orientation can actually cause a mother to disavow her own child. That’s actually beyond disgusting, really.

  • Alexa

    You know, as much as I loathe and despise Dick Cheney, at least he loves his lesbian daughter. People like this woman and Alan Keyes make me sick.

  • Brian Bernardini

    So being a piano major makes you a big queen? That will certainly be a surprise to my wife. :)

  • Woof

    Insert “pianist” joke here…

  • David in KC

    It’s not the piano playing so much as the toilet trawling.

  • David in KY

    Yep. I hope real confirmation could be made of this. I hope it makes national news too. Wouldn’t that be grand.

  • key

    There’s a big missing piece of the puzzle!

  • Mr. O. Amends

    I also hope for confirmation & national coverage.

  • fanboi

    poor Jesse being born to that hateful bitch

  • Gerry

    NICE. Do you think it gets through to them that a heterosexual conservative (state rep AND Babtist Pastor) CREATED this poor disowned child? How Christian is right.
    Oh WAIT, it was the Gay recruiters that did it!
    How many times have you been recruited to be gay (never).
    How many times have you been recruited to be Christian (oy vey!)

    Here’s a petition to Impeach/Retire the embarrassing Okie. VOTE!

  • Chrsistopher

    Why would you post those things about her son cruising in the bathrooms? Do you have any proof? This article promotes a stereotypical gay “lifestyle” when in fact different expressions of homosexuality vary as wildly from person to person as white people, black people, women, or men. Wether or not someone cruises in a bathroom does not increase or decrease how “homosexual they are.”

  • Lucas

    Chrsistopher, I disagree with the last sentence. While it is true that I may not cruise in a bathroom, it does not make me any less gay than someone who does. However, the inverse to that position is not true…

    Someone cruising in the men’s room while he himself a man clearly is aware of his own sexual orientation, and therefore arguably make them “more gay” in comparison to the people who are simply there to defecate or urinate. If anything, it shows a sort of desperation for homosexual relations, whether physical or visual, temporary or permanent.

  • leomoore

    There is a situation here in Georgia which is at least as red as Oklahoma. The head of Georgia Christian Coalition, Sadie Fields, is another hateful Christian who cloaks her spite in the robes of Christian holiness, and who also disowned her gay son. He has been vocal in his opposition to her political positions.

  • kenneth

    What are you talking about? Disowning a child for being gay is totally Christian.

  • Doug

    She is just another victim of her own hatred… Instead of questioning what others have taught she chooses to accept her hatred and lose her son… Jesus would be ashamed people who follow him carry such venomous hatred.

  • fanboi

    does anyone know how to google bomb “Sally Kern” so the name comes up as the number 1 listing under hateful bitch?

  • Gerry

    I don’t know how to Google Bomb, but I certainly think that actions like hers that get APPLAUSE? from her Republican state colleagues deserves some “rewards” like…

    1. A Google bomb
    2. Contest to re-name “Sally Kern” like they did for Santorum (ewwww). I offer up “pussy fart”, not the first one, but the LAST one…(who’s gonna run the contest…Queerty?)
    3. Increase the general Red State boycott and TARGET Oklahoma. (do they DO anything there worth boycotting?) Not much I did spot THIS on a google seach. Always nice to hit a big BRAND name like PEPSI in a NEW location just ramping up in OK.

    Gatorade in Pryor Creek Starts Production

    “Feb. 7, 2008 — The new 1.4 million-square-foot Gatorade plant at Mid-America Industrial Park in Pryor Creek recently started production of its signature Thirst Quencher and Propel Fitness Water drinks.

    Gatorade, which is owned by PepsiCo Inc., is employing about 200 people now and hopes to expand that force to 225 by the end of February. The three shifts of production lines, which began last month, are shipping only about 100 truckloads of Gatorade and Propel right now, with most of that product going to help other plants fill their orders.”

    Ok somebody else take it now…


  • Jaroslaw

    Gay Times from Great Britain had an article about those inbred lunatics, the Phelps clan and stated that his hatred of Gays, protesting at military funerals probably has done more to open straight/uniformed eyes that most Gay activists. I don’t know how one measures this, but I suspect there is some truth to it. I hope Sally Kearns realizes someday she may need a good dose of Christian forgiveness for herself! (I’m referring to disowning her son – I don’t know where this idea comes from in Right Wing Christianity. If all the sinners were disowned, that would be just about everyone but children under 3 years old!)

  • Jaroslaw

    oops I meant Straight/UNINFORMED eyes

  • Gerry

    Jeese, I go to see Savages (not really recommended unless you want to feel better about YOUR dysfunctional family) and NO progress on this list? OK.

    4. Start a, here is the model, about 4 years old now, devoted to tracking the antics of MIchele Bachmann from Mn6. They have a post up earlier this work accusing Sally Kern of STEALING this speech from Michele Bachmann. If this can be proved maybe that will be a way to get rid of her. Petty Hate Speech Theft?

    5. Go send Heather’s petition to all your friends and then go sign it AGAIN. Night Boyz…

    OK to Post/Repost please on other sites.

    6. ?

  • mudduck

    I spent over two years at Oklahoma Baptist University 1949-1950, and “Music Major” and
    “Ministerial Alliance” member were synonyms for “Big Queens.” I lived in Brotherhood Dormitory, where periodically some residents would drag the paper boy in to a bathroom and shave his pubes. (I would have loved to have watched, but didn’t dare betray my interest.) I’m sure that now people are so hypersensitive about GAY, such blatant carryings-on don’t happen. If it’s true that Jesse Kern made a nuisance of himself in the OBU restrooms, he was being provocative in an anti-gay environment. I don’t take that detail as mere stereotyping. The story isn’t that he was cruising, but that he was causing trouble for the school and for himself.

    Murdoch Matthew
    New York City

  • Dave

    As a young gay male who grew up and still lives in Oklahoma, I am lucky, blessed or whatever you want to call it that my conservative, christian mom still loves me and accepts me and boyfriend. Thanks Mom-I am one lucky Queer.

  • Jeremy

    This is a lie. If you do the math her son would have been in Jr High at the time. Also, the family didn’t even live in Oklahoma then.

    Do you realize that propagating this lie only reinforces her point that there is an agenda? You guys are idiots!

  • Wayne

    How ironic, another gay bashing parent who raises a gay child. I am sure she and Chaney have a great deal to talk about.

  • Kristin

    How do you figure that Kern’s son would have been in Jr. High in the 90s? Do you have some way of knowing their ages? Given that Kern is in her early 50s, if she had her sons in her early 20s, it is perfectly reasonable to think that one or both of them would have been in college in the mid to late-90s (correct me if I’m wrong, as I’m terrible at math).

  • Kristin

    Correction! She is in her early 60s–I really AM terrible at math. Sorry.

  • Jeremy

    I know her.

  • Jeremy

    I know her. I know that her son was in Jr High in the early ’90’s. This is nothing but a lie.

  • Kristin

    If you know her so well, then you would know that she has two sons.

  • Jeremy

    She doesn’t have two sons named Jesse. Try again.

  • Kristin

    And anyhow, if her son were in Jr High (we’ll say 9th grade) in the early 90s (we’ll say 92), then he would easily have been at OBU in the mid to late 90s (using the dates I’ve already mentioned, it would have been what, 96?)

  • Jeremy

    What the hell kind of fact checking is going to a thread made by some random person? No one even knows who made those posts. Do you guys work for the NY Times or CBS news?

  • Jeremy

    In 1992 he was starting 7th grade.

  • Kristin

    Those comments made by “some random person” are checking out much better than the bullshit sources Sally Kern used to come up with her so-called “facts” about LGBT people.

    Sorry your math didn’t work out, buttercup. I blew your cover.

  • Jeremy

    The facts don’t even check out. Basically what you’re saying is that you don’t like what she said so that justifies lying about her to defame her.

    How did my math not work out?

  • Jeremy

    For those who doubt whether or not I know her, send me an e-mail at [email protected].

    Notice the address?

  • Kristin

    First of all, I think it’s highly unlikely that you know the Kerns so well that you remember exactly what year Jesse started Jr High. Second of all, I find it far too coincidental that you used the year I mentioned in my hypothetical situation (1992) as the year when Jesse started Jr High. And third of all, if Jesse were just beginning Jr High in 1992, that would have put Sally Kern around the age of 34 when she had him, which would have been somewhat old to be having a kid back then. Possible? Certainly. Likely? I don’t think so.

  • HB

    If her son is gay and the reports in the article are true, which I believe, then Sally Kern has driven herself insane. But it’s much more than being crazy. If this were Germany in 1940 Sally would be positioning herself for a commandant’s position in one of the concentration camps. And let’s be clear, this is not a harsh judgement. That was a monstrous reality that could happen here if those of us who understand aren’t strong enough to stop them.

  • Kristin

    Also, how would someone claiming that Kern has a gay son qualify as defamation? What’s so bad about having a gay son (unless, of course, you’re a bigot)?

  • Jeremy

    Send me an e-mail. The House is adjourning right now so I have to leave shortly. I’m not “friends” with her but I’ve spoken to her and some of her colleagues.

  • Jeremy

    That’s not the defamation. All you have to do is look at what’s being said about her to see the defamation.

  • Jeremy


    This is not an “article.” It is a random post on an internet thread.

  • Kristin

    You’d better run and go answer the phone!

  • James Wilson

    Ok you got her but how is destroying this young man going to help anyone.

    He is not on the front page of anything and this unwanted attention might do serious harm!

  • Gerry

    DON’T be distracted by the Jereymy’s. They will try and distract you when you get close…
    DO call her (Jeremy)!

    Exhale, REPEAT…Action

    1. A Google bomb
    2. Contest to re-name “Sally Kern” like they did for Santorum (ewwww). I offer up “pussy fart”, not the first one, but the LAST one…(who’s gonna run the contest…Queerty?)
    3. Increase the general Red State boycott and TARGET Oklahoma. (do they DO anything there worth boycotting?) Not much I did spot THIS on a google seach. Always nice to hit a big BRAND name like PEPSI in a NEW location just ramping up in OK.

    Gatorade in Pryor Creek Starts Production

    “Feb. 7, 2008 — The new 1.4 million-square-foot Gatorade plant at Mid-America Industrial Park in Pryor Creek recently started production of its signature Thirst Quencher and Propel Fitness Water drinks.

    Gatorade, which is owned by PepsiCo Inc., is employing about 200 people now and hopes to expand that force to 225 by the end of February. The three shifts of production lines, which began last month, are shipping only about 100 truckloads of Gatorade and Propel right now, with most of that product going to help other plants fill their orders.”

    4. Start a, here is the model, about 4 years old now, devoted to tracking the antics of MIchele Bachmann from Mn6. They have a post up earlier this work accusing Sally Kern of STEALING this speech from Michele Bachmann. If this can be proved maybe that will be a way to get rid of her. Petty Hate Speech Theft?

    5. Go send Heather’s petition to all your friends and then go sign it AGAIN. Night Boyz……..sentatives
    OK to Post/Repost please on other sites.

  • Kit

    “Do you realize that propagating this lie only reinforces her point that there is an agenda?”

    The only point it reinforces is that people don’t react well to being demonized and vilified by someone in a position of power.

    And you’ve got a lot of nerve lecturing anyone about ‘defamation’ after what that woman said about gay folks.

  • Kristin

    Sorry, but anyone stupid enough to post their work email address on the internet–especially in an attempt to boost their credibility–deserves whatever attention they get.

  • John

    Congratulations. One uncorroborated post by a random Internet stranger equals conclusive proof that her son has teh ghey.

    Maybe, just maybe, she pulled her childrens’ names off of her bio _because_ of the nasty rumors.

    Sure, her remarks could have come from the mouth of Hitler, but how is lowering yourselves to her level and smearing her family advancing the LGBT cause?

    In case you’re thick, the smear isn’t regarding her son’s alleged orientation – it’s the accusations of disownment and toilet trolling.

  • Jesse Peacock

    I don’t see how the irony is funny… It’s very sad, really. I wonder how this poor boy feels, having been outcast by the only family he knew (at the time).

  • wingtip

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    According to Sigmund Freud ,projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else. It is a common process that every person uses to some degree.

    To understand the process, consider a person in a couple who has thoughts of infidelity . Instead of dealing with these undesirable thoughts consciously, he or she subconsciously projects these feelings onto the other person, and begins to think that the other has thoughts of infidelity and may be having an affair. In this sense, projection is related to denial , arguably the only defense mechanism that is more primitive than projection. Those who project deny a part of themselves that may otherwise come to the surface. In this case, they cannot face their own feelings of infidelity and therefore project them onto the other person.

    “Projection is the opposite defense mechanism to identification. We project our own unpleasant feelings onto someone else and blame them for having thoughts that we really have.”
    “A defense mechanism in which the individual attributes to other people impulses and traits that he himself has but cannot accept. It is especially likely to occur when the person lacks insight into his own impulses and traits.”
    “Attributing one’s own undesirable traits to other people or agencies.”
    “The individual perceives in others the motive he denies having himself. Thus the cheat is sure that everyone else is dishonest.”
    “People attribute their own undesirable traits onto others.”
    “An individual who possesses malicious characteristics, but who is unwilling to perceive himself as an antagonist, convinces himself that his opponent feels and would act the same way.”

    narcissistic personality disorder
    is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brillance, beauty, or ideal love
    believes that he or she is “special” and unique
    requires excessive admiration
    has a sense of entitlement
    is interpersonally exploitative
    lacks empathy
    is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

  • CCSea

    Why don’t you ask Jesse himself? A quick search seemed to indicate that he now lives in Des Moines, IA and teaches at the School of Metaphysics. He continues to be involved in music. There’s a picture of him at

    (Also, Jesse was likely born in 1977. This puts his college years in the mid-90s.)

  • hork

    All right, we get it. She’s a f*cking c*nt. In fact, we already knew she was a f*cking c*nt.

    Did you have to run her son’s name through the mud, too?

  • Daneel

    I don’t think that could be him, because he would be born in 1980 so I don’t think his ‘college’ years would be in the mid 90s.

    Also, from that other page, it says he is pursuing his Doctorate of Divinity–what the heck is that?

    Doctor Divine!

  • Mark

    Interesting stuff.

    Jeremy – if he was in 7th grade in 1992, he could have been in college in 1997, close enough to the “mid-90s'” so I think this is possible.

    But I do agree, its very sad (if its true) that a parent would dis-own a child because they were gay. I am sure more information will (no pun intended) come out in the next few days regarding this situation.

  • Jeremy

    I think it’s sad that some of you think that it’s ok to lie in order to demonize her further. Is it not enough to just take issue with what she said?

    Remember Martin Luther King. His movement worked because he never stooped to such levels. He maintained his dignity and fought against injustice peacefully. If he was walking around saying things like, “George Wallace’s daughter married a black man!1!” then he would have lost all his credibility. Some of you guys could learn a lesson from that.

  • Elaygee

    Jesse’s in my MYSPACE network and as queer as they get

  • Jan Wood

    I can’t believe the remarks about Gays.She should not be able to work anywhere.She is disgusting.I would like to tell her son that you don’t need a mom who is scare about gays that you are better off with people who love you and want to support you.she is suppose to be a christan.God made all of us and this America and freedom to speak and freedom to love anyone.she is so clueless and stupid that god will take care of her.If it’s true that her son is gay I can’t believe she would treat her on son You will have you day with God and HELL that’s where your going.Jan

  • Linda Skeen

    There has always been one thing that truly annoys me about some so called Christians out there. And that is there standng in judgement of someone else. If you are a true Christian you do not judge, you learn forgiveness and acceptance. Only God can truly judge! If you want to push the bible and your backward feelings about homosexuality then explain to me why all of you are not protesting the war? The commandment says thou shalt not kill, isn’t that right? So why is killing, or the soldiers that are doing it for you, why are they ok in your book? don’t get me wrong I totally support our troops and admire everything they do to support our rights and our country. The comment is meant solely for the so called people who call themselves christians but there actions as christians are very selective. I am a true believer in the fact that”ignorance drives the hand of hatred.”

  • 7

    JB Maybe it’s you that needs to get your facts straight.

    No one here said that the Jessie Kern charged in ’89 is the Sally’s son.

  • ChicagoDude

    It’s amazing to me that – even when she reason’s that a gay person (e.g., her son) is a “victim” of gay infiltrators – she still disowns her son for something that, in her reasoning, was no fault of his own.

  • ChicagoDude

    Change of subject, but… As posted earlier, Freud defined projection as “a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else.” Could this be what’s happening with Geraldine Ferraro – having deeply hidden reasonings that she in fact was placed on the Mondale ticket because of her gender – she projects it on to Obama to make her feel better about herself??? Sorry to change the subject, but it just came to mind….

  • Michael

    I do not see the problem with a mistaken identitiy. If this kid is not gay, we will know soon. And, he would know, if it is untrue. But, it should have no baring on how one wiews him as a person, anyway! If he is, who cares but his mother and father! Disowning him, because of this “freak of nature”, is cruel. And a homosexually active son is sinning no more than a heterosexually active (unmarried) son! Sin is sin! (accoring to my old pastors) People love to judge! Even, when, they have dirt in their own past!

  • W.

    Jeremiah Petty
    Control Clerk
    [email protected]
    (405) 557-7493

  • 7

    It is sort of interesting that so many people that agree with a knuckle dragger like Sally Kern would take the time to visit, register and post on a gay friendly web site in order to defend her.
    Something tells me there is a huge amount of damage control being attempted here.
    The Lady Doth Protest too Much.

  • duvet

    Your hubbub is over the wrong Jesse Kern. The senator’s son is Jesse A. Kern, and a 1998 newspaper announcement about his senior music recital at Oklahoma Baptist University can be found here:

  • 7

    Hubbub? What hubbub?
    It’s not like anyone here said that the two Kerns are the same person.

  • Hank

    A search at turns up a Jesse Aaron Kern who is 31 years old in both Oklahoma City and Shawnee (home of Oklahoma Baptist University).

  • Jeremy


    Why post that stuff? I take issue with the use of lies. I haven’t once gave my opinion on what Kern has said, I just came here to let you guys know it wasn’t true about her son. When you start lying it calls into question your motives. She gave you enough stuff to talk about, why drag her son into this?

  • oakling

    Wow, she is awesomely crazy. Like all homophobes.

  • Chuck

    Odd how the really outspoken homophobes seem to have gay children: Phyliss Schlaffly, Dick Cheney, et al…

  • J

    I advocate staffing her office with all gays and lesbians. It’s the only way.

  • brent

    Let’s stop for a moment. This young man if indeed he is gay needs our support and care and concern. How he conducts his private affairs in a quest for identity is not ours to judge. We need to let him know that he is embraced by the gay community and friends of…not to be condemned in any way. The problem is with his parents views and if he is in fact disowned he should know that the families we create are often the deepest emotionaly -as gay people he should know we are here for him. B

  • kevin57

    That’s correct, Jeremy…

    So, what do you think of the Representative’s comments?

    It might help your cause around here if you condemned them as vile, ignorant, hurtful…(add lots of accurate adjectives).

  • duvet

    re “hubbub” … I was merely pointing out that all the postings (here and elsewhere) suggesting “perhaps,” “could be,” et cetera, re the identity of the senator’s son aren’t worth pursuing or posting, since that Kern is the wrong Kern … goodnight, Gracie …

  • Onehungfarmboy

    My mother once used this kind of harsh language towards me her first-born Gay son. It was awful to hear words that were much more harsh than those of Sally Kern. It destroyed our relationship for many years, now she is truly sorry and has apologized. Of course she is old, short of money and in need but I do forgive her. Here’s the kicker she is a member of The United Church of Christ, as is my brother and his family who still own the attitudes of Sally Kern. These people are insane. Be it Obama’s church or Kern’s the feelings seem to be mutual among the followers. The point: It great to be the new religious whipping boys.

  • Montimo

    Jeremy, it’s really not about her son Jesse ( although, if true, it really makes sense why she would be so ignorantly adamant). No, it’s more about how this “woman” ( I use the word “woman” loosely ) could actually make such ignorant comments. Jeremy, have we determined that it was a group of gays that flew planes into the WTC on 9/11? If you truly work with this woman, you would be better off consulting her, rather than posting your ignorant comments on this site.
    I send an enormous embrace to Jesse, if this is her son. I can relate to his resort to anonymous sex in restrooms due to the repression he was submitted to.
    If this Jesse is not her son, it still does not justify her absolutely ignorant presentation of the gay community as a greater threat than terrorism.
    Get a grip and stop supporting this bigotted bitch pendejo!

  • 7

    Again, no one here has said anything close to what you are maintaining they said. As a matter of fact, the words you put in quotes appear only once on this whole thread, and that appearance is in your own posting. As far as what is being said “elsewhere” perhaps you should bring it up at those websites, since you are clearly barking up the wrong tree here.
    One person asked if it was the same Kern. It was quickly established that it is not. Yet you dont want to let it go. Why?


    We live in a Very Volitile Society these days, I would think, that we would have better things to worry about, than whether our neighbor,(who has had the same partner, for several years, and is an upstanding Citizen, is living with the same sex!!) these HOMOphobics, need to get a LIFE!!! Trust me, there are more Serious issues facing us at this Time!! I have a gay brother, and when my Father found out, he disowned him, thinking it was his fault! My Brother is a Wonderful Person, and we all love him very much!! he is not out seeking Prostitutes, or rapeing children~he is a Normal, loving human being,he, and his partner have been together for years,and care for each other very deeply!! Thank God, my father sought out information, and resolved the issue, with my brother, before he died!! I know it hurt him, but he realized it came from, something that happened to my brother when he was 12 yrs old!~ Sally Kern had better mend fences with her son before it is too late!! the old saying “Pride cometh before a fall” is sooo true~and we are all human!!Obviously, she cares more about her Public, than her Son!! SOOO SAD!!!

  • salamander


    Sally Kern
    (405) 942-3504

    Steve Kern
    (405) 942-3504

    Jesse Kern
    BOX 95349
    (405) 672-8925

  • steven joseph rotolo

    Well… I read a transcript of Ms. Kern’s edifying diatribe against homosexuals, and I am astounded at the amount of scientific information contained therein. Who knew that homosexuals have a shorter lifespan than heteros? Somebody should tell that to Elton John and Senator Larry Craig. Also, apparently if a society embraces homosexuality, their moment in the sun will only be a few decades, according to some studies that Ms. Kern has perused in detail. I imagine that ancient Rome, Greece, Assyria, Babylon, the cultures of Cannan, and Hollywood were not included in these studies. And who would’ve thought that a gay teacher is far more dangerous than a crazed theocrat with a dirty bomb strapped to his chest in the middle of a crowded subway station? I always thought that all men were created equal, but according to Ms. Kern not all lifestyles are equal and certainly not all religions are equal. Which brings me to my next point: Islam. Yes, Islam is a threat to America. Not extremist Islamic terrorists, no sir. Islam itself. So we have homos and muslims, oh my, and we are screwed, no? And lastly, she talks about gay people infiltrating the political landscape. I mean, heterosexual people get elected, but gay people infiltrate. Dear close-minded transparent Sally Kern, I don’t blame you for your bigoted views in the face of such collosal misinformation taking space in your brain. After all, I would not blame a person in a coma for wetting the bed, would I?

  • lauren

    The son of a state lawmaker who has condemned homosexuality as a worse threat to the U.S. than “terrorists or Islam” said Friday he wants it known that he is “straight and not gay.”

  • ed

    Go Sally we need more senetors like her

  • Terry Grinnalds

    It’s easy to crow at Sally Kern’s discomfiture, and surely she deserves it and more. Just let’s not overlook or diminish the tragedy of her poor son in having a mother so cold. How much pain has this poor man gone through with her for a mother? And the worst thing? I have no doubt that it has never crossed her mind that she has done anything wrong in abandoning her own son. Somehow, she thinks it is his fault, that who he has found himself to be is an affront to her. She would probably say it is an affront to God, but God is just her stand-in. Like all of these holy bigots, the universe is really all about them.

  • Jan van Helmont

    The only thing I learn from all this, is that Mrs Kern terrorizes a gay son, born from her own womb and conceived from her marriage with a Pastor. As a gay AND (raised as) Christian, I honestly think
    our Lord SO strongly disapproves for He IS Love.
    Mrs Kern is holier than holy yet a SO BIG sinner.

  • kim

    First of all, we are all sinners, each and every one of us. Funny thing is, I don’t hear the gay community admitting to this. How foolish that we continue in our sins, yet somehow want to justify them to the world that they are ok? Here is where the problem lies. I am saved by grace, but I fall oh so short of Gods expections. I do not delude myself into thinking that my behavior is righteous. On a daily basis, I have lied, I have impure thoughts, but I feel the conviction of God calling me to pull myself out of the dirtiness of my sin and allow Him to help me. That is the issue that I have with the Gay community, no remorse, no regret, and no guilt. Wouldn’t we all like to surround ourselves with like minded people who our engaging in the same sin as we, to make ourselves feel better? I get that, I really do. But, in doing that, the Gays have went to great lengths to bombard my TV viewing with gay characters, somehow chipping away at me, and making me think that it is ok to be gay. I get that we all have tendencies toward sin, but we can’t just throw in the towel and give into it. Homosexuality is a sin; so is lying, cheating, adultry, gluttony, etc. No,I don’t think that we should go to the local Weight Watchers meetings and persecute the over weight…But, quit trying to make me think that the homosexual lifestyle is normal. I love Gay people…but I hate thier lifestyle. I watch “Ellen” several times a week..she is obviously a loving and caring person and a great comedian. Just this week we have a governer stepping down from office because of his affair with a prostitute…this man was contrite, he knew that he had sinned and did the right thing by resigning. I don’t see people rallying to his defense, saying that it is ok to have an affair with a prostitute. He was wrong, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I respect him even more for when he was caught, admitting and doing the right thing. No delusion there.

  • James a. Carrington

    Guys like Jesse have my empathy………….sort of. I mean, at least my brother and I didn’t feel the need to work the public restrooms while in college! My mother was just like Salacious Sally; from my earliest memories, she was constantly making hateful slurs about all those “sick queers” and their “agenda” to force children everywhere to be gay. When my oldest brother was discovered by my mother (his step-mother)to be gay, she put this poor guy through the Spanish inquisition, demanding to know who did this to him, demanding that he “Give me the names” of those gay guys! Like it was some sort of conspiracy!! Then, after hours of this interrogation would ensue, he’d be crying so hard that he would hyperventilate; at this point, the hateful, self-righteous bitch would interrupt the interrogation and feed him a 10 Mg. Valium to get him to calm down a bit, then she’d go right back at it, screaming and name-calling, yelling things like, “How can you wrap your lips around another man’s COCK??!!”! He was forced out of the house in the dead of winter, in order to “protect my other sons from his illness”. With nowhere to go, he joined the U.S. Army (and of course, he had a ball there, what with all the gay sex that goes on THERE!)but much to my mother’s chagrin, it didn’t “make a man out of him”, it just gave him a decent career, so at least one good thing came out of this. Well, that and…………. also……….a few years after all this terror had passed, WHAMMO! I’m gay, too!! Two out of 4 sons are GAY. I love it. Talk about Karma; I really believe that when a person is so hateful and homophobic, God thinks to himself, “Oh, really? You hate another person for the way they are, a person whom I ALSO created? Ok, well here you go………..I’m dropping that very same type of person right off at your own front door. Deal with it.” This is how God teaches the bigots and the haters their lessons in life. Salacious Sally, like my own mother (and many other homophobes) is just another ignorant, hateful CUNT. That says it all.

  • Elisa Alden

    If he was indeed in Grade 7 in 92, then he would have been in college by the late 90’s.

    Grade 7 1992-93
    Grade 8 1993-94
    Grade 9 1994-95
    Grade 10 1995-96
    Grade 11 1996-97
    Grade 12 1997-98
    1st Year College 1998-99
    2nd Year college 1999-00

    This of course assumes that he started Grade 7 in the 1992-93 school year. He could have started 7th Grade in the 1991-92 school year. Meaning that he’d have been at college THREE years, not two, in the late 90’s 1997-98, 1998-99, and 1999-00. There’s the numbers for you all in black and white.

  • Elisa Alden

    If it’s defamation to say bad things about Representative Kern, then what are we to make of what SHE said about gays?

  • LJ

    So, Jeremy, you’re using government resources for personal entertainment? You personally gave out your office e-mail addy.

    In these days of media and then the law pig piling government employees for inappropriate actions, you must either be one dumb SoB or pretty arrogant.

  • Cynthia

    Sally Kern said that her “son is not gay, he is artistic…” Oh Sally, get a clue!

  • mel

    Whether or not Jesse Kern is gay should not be the problem. If he IS then what his mother said just made him fodder for every shark out there. If it was not him in the court for sodomy just think of the hell he will go through for the rest of his life because someone thought they should bring it to our attention. Who cares! Maybe Sally and her husband use illicit sex toys in their bedroom. Do you care? I don’t, but now maybe I have started another nasty rumor.

  • OregonCubb

    Senator Kern sounds a lot like my husband’s parents. They are Southern Baptists, living in Georgia, and they disowned him when he came out to them. Years later, he is still in a lot of pain and heartache from the loss of love from the people who ought to love him most. Years later, it still hurts him, all because these two people are so blinded by their religious beliefs that they can’t see what they’ve lost – a son who is a wonderful, caring man who despite this abandonment, still loves them.

    The Senator also seems to be one of those people who say that gay men and lesbians become homosexual due to poor upbringing. That is, until one of their own children comes out of the closet, and then, naturally, *their* child was “recruited” by someone else…

  • Ben Carlton

    Jesse Kern was most likely NOT in 7th grade in 1992. The article provided by Duvet (Comment No. 77) clearly shows that Jesse was a senior at Oklahoma Baptist University in November of 1998.

  • Brandon

    Incredible. This information needs to be spread far and wide, and I intend to do my part.

    This really isn’t too surprising to me, since my family is mainly Southern Baptist and I know the territory. You’re taught that you MUST love jesus above all else. ESPECIALLY your family and your children. If you don’t love jesus more, you are doing something wrong and must pray and grieve and consult a pastor, etc. until they get you, *ahem* “straightened” out, as it were.

  • Aaron

    I actually wanted to respond to some posts from a few days back from Jeremy, the staffer at OK gov who said he knew the Kerns family and that Kristin couldn’t do math. I’ve attached a link to an article that is from an actual newspaper that states that Jesse is 31. Coincidentally that is my age, and I was in college from 1994 to 1998, the mid 90s. I was NOT in 7th grade in 1992. So Jeremy is clearly lying. Also, the article states that Jesse is celibate and a member of a metaphysical religion. Sounds like Scientology to me, and that he IS GAY!

  • Brian Westley

    Lauren posted:

    The son of a state lawmaker who has condemned homosexuality as a worse threat to the U.S. than “terrorists or Islam” said Friday he wants it known that he is “straight and not gay.”

    From the article:
    Kern, who said he is affiliated with the Des Moines School of Metaphysics, said that he chooses to be celibate, but he is not homosexual.

    “First of all, no one’s sexuality is anyone’s business. It is not even my mother’s business,” he said. “I practice celibacy to give to my God,” he said.


  • Aaron

    Check posts 30-50 or so.

  • Aaron

    Also check post #80, where Jeremy says he was just here to correct our facts and stop us from “lying”. Clearly he’s the one lying. And there’s something a bit too coincidental about an OK gov staffer posting on a blog to try to clear Kerns’ name. Let’s be real.

  • mloren

    I emailed this to the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce yesterday:

    As a citizen of Oklahoma, I am terribly embarrassed by the bigoted and defamatory remarks of Ms. Kern which have garnered Oklahoma the national headlines for the past couple of weeks. How do we think we can compete in a globally-competitive world with such narrow-minded (actually closed-minded) tirades coming from a State Representative elected from our State Capitol??? I am attaching an open letter I have already sent to Ms. Kern, her peers in the Oklahoma House, the Governor and others in our State in hopes that they might mitigate some of the damage she is inflicting upon a significant segment of our citizens. While her comments may help fill the collection plates in her husband’s church, they will most surely be detrimental to your efforts aimed at attracting and retaining viable economic ventures in Oklahoma in general and in Oklahoma City in particular. I wish you well in your odds against such a foe who excels in using the name of God to justify her bigotry.

    Representative Kern,

    Your comments as aired on the website of Channel 6 make me very sad and disheartened. I am sad that I wasted so many years teaching medical students in this State to care about ALL of their patients, even the gay ones whom you obviously consider “trash” in our society, and even worse than terrorists or a cancer in our midst. My approach was (and is) that ALL people deserve to be treated with respect and excellent medical care, regardless of their color, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, and yes, Ms. Kern, even their religious beliefs! In 29 years of teaching medical physiology to several thousand medical students in 6 states, I endeavored to try and bring out the best in all of them regardless of my own personal beliefs and ethics. You see, Ms. Kern, your hurtful comments may garner votes for you at the polls, but they destroy the very reason the rest of us work so hard to make our State and our Nation a wonderful place for all to live free of religious bigotry and judgmental statements like you obviously made in a public forum as a public servant. I also read the unfortunate news of your son’s gay orientation and his subsequent banishment to avoid embarrassment to the family. I do hope that you will consider some sort of counseling and/or attending a PFLAG meeting or a similar support group rather than trying to come to grips with reality on your own as this has obviously not been successful in the past.

    Sincerely yours,

    Loren G. Martin, Ph.D.
    Professor emeritus of Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

  • mloren

    As for Jesse Aaron Kern, attached is his bio, and, no, the person arrested for oral sodomy has another middle name. I can’t imagine the hell this poor guy has already suffered here on earth at the hands of his supposedly “christian” parents.

    Jesse Kern
    Jesse has graduated from the College of Metaphysics and moved to Des Moines to direct the School of Metaphysics branch there. He is an energetic presence and loves serving humanity. Jesse’s main passion is music. He uplifts with his voice and original musical compositions and is currently teaching private music lessons. He has provided primary assitance in crafting our Interfaith Church of Metaphysics’ hymnal. Jesse is studying in the second cycle of lessons and plans to pursue a Doctorate in Metaphysics and Doctorate of Divinity.
    School of Metaphysics 515-255-5570
    3715 University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50311

    The Tulsa World got to the truth.

    Sally Kern’s son denies reports he is gay

    by: Mick Hinton, World Capitol Bureau
    3/14/2008 12:00 AM

    Video: Listen to Sally Kern’s controversial speech.

    OKLAHOMA CITY — The son of a state lawmaker who has condemned homosexuality as a worse threat to the U.S. than “terrorists or Islam” said Friday he wants it known that he is “straight and not gay.”

    Jesse Kern, son of Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said information purporting that he is gay, which has appeared on several blogs, is damaging to himself and his family.

    Kern, 31, said he feels the media has a responsibility to seek out the truth, then report it.

    Kern, who said he is affiliated with the Des Moines School of Metaphysics, said that he chooses to be celibate, but he is not homosexual.

    “First of all, no one’s sexuality is anyone’s business. It is not even my mother’s business,” he said. “I practice celibacy to give to my God,” he said.

    Kern said metaphysics helps teach him such things such as concentration, which has helped him keep focused with all the adverse publicity surrounding his mother’s comments.

    Kern said his mother’s comments apparently were taken out of context. He has not chosen to listen to the audio version that has been disseminated widely throughout the nation.

    Kern’s views differ from those of his mother, although he applauds her for standing up for what she believes, and thanks his parents for his good upbringing. His father is a Baptist minister in Oklahoma City.

    He said the purpose of sex is reproduction, and it is the function of the animal body.

    “But we are more than animals, and we can use sex for a tool of deep relationship with another person.”

    Kern added that what is more important than whether it be a relationship with someone of the same sex, is that there “needs to be honor in any relationship whether it is a straight or gay relationship.”

    Obtained from Intelius:

    Jesse Aaron Kern
    Birth Date: 05/11/1976
    Age: 31 Years Old


    125 15th St. NW #Apt 604
    OKC, OK 73103
    Property Report

    908 NW 12 ST
    OKC, OK 73106
    Property Report

    2713 Sterling Ave N
    OKC, OK 73062
    Property Report

    500 W University St
    Shawnee, OK 74801
    Property Report

    Stephen D Kern
    Sally R Kern
    Nathan Kern

  • Jack

    So . . . imagine the triple threat: a gay, Islamic terrorist! Armageddon time for old Sal.

  • robin

    I am absolutely disgusted and outrage by sally kern’s recent comments regarding homosexual.
    As an Oklahoma Republican state representative, who has taken an oath of office would use her power and promote homophobic hateful, bigoted and un-American views as a way to influence and destroy human life is a travesties. Her words are a clear indention of her lack of knowledge, education, and experience, using the U.S. constitution and the laws of this nation as a platform to continue the spread of evil ways of thinking, while damaging lives.

    Her threatened ignorance is no different then the entertainment character Don Immus who was fired from CBS in 2007 for speaking his mind on what he thought about a woman’s basketball team. State representative Sally Kern should be held responsible for her preposterous hateful, racial remarks and her so called freedom of speech she expresses are destructive and hate filled illusion.

    Speech may be free but is not without question or accountability, and will not be used as an excuse for ignorance. Sally Kern needs to be removed from public office. It is time to establish equal rights and not just talking about the idea. Separate but not equal, is a contradiction and needs to be confronted.

  • mloren

    As you have heard, Salacious Sally is claiming that only small parts of her “presentation” were used and thus she is being maligned “out of context.” Please sign onto the attached site where you will find a complete transcription of her speech, and you decide for yourself.

    Gosh, maybe Rep. Kern was “caught with her britches down” and misquoted by counter-bigots who only used selected portions of her “presention” and thus she was “quoted out of context”…………please sign onto this site and get the ENTIRE verbatum transcription of her speech and you make up your own mind.

    Good luck, Ms. Kern…………

  • Shane

    I have to say I moved away from Oklahoma in August 2007. I lived there for almost 8 years and felt I had a great business and the respect of many people in Oklahoma City. I owned a business and had many Republican clients and was an “Openly Gay Man” I never had an issue with being gay. I had many clients that were elected officials and I helped with many of there campaigns. None-of-them had any hate for gay citizens of Oklahoma. I have to say I left Oklahoma as I had a lack of gay friends with qualities like my own. I am so embarrassed to have been asked “wow, is that what Oklahoma is like?” now that I do not live there. I must say NO – Oklahoma is a wonderful place with fantastic people! I am so sorry the people of Oklahoma are dealing with the words of Sally Kerns. No matter if she has a gay son or not she is not accepting of gay people in any way – But does not represent the feelings of ANY Oklahomans that I know! If we are to do her any good we should all send sympathy cards to her for missing out on much of the culture of life that gay people bring into this world.

    Mrs Kerns, I would ask for your resignation from the house of Representatives as it gives the State of Oklahoma a bad name! I am a gay man and I pay taxes (still paying taxes in Oklahoma) and you ma’am are not doing your job! I believe as my faithful servant I can ask for your resignation and I AM…

  • John

    Man you homosexuals should check your facts! Kern’s son was 12 years old living in Idaho with then Idaho resident Sally Kern. There evidently is a homosexual with the same name as her son living in Oklahoma, but it isn’t Sally’s son.

  • Don

    Shane –

    “Oklahoma is a wonderful place with fantastic people!”

    I disagree wholeheartedly. I’m 27 years old, a civil engineer, a christian and a bisexual (and a masculine enough one that I never HAD to divulge my sexuality). I lived in Oklahoma for 23 years and when I was finally able to move away, it was the most liberating moment of my life. Oklahoma is full of bigotted, hateful, violent people. If they aren’t attacking the gays, they attack the blacks or the mexicans. If they can’t find anyone to attack, they attack each other. Case in point…

    When I was in 8th grade, I went to a yearly event at school called “See you at the Pole”. It was an early morning event where students met at the flagpole, formed a huge circle, and prayed to God. I had been before, several times, but this was the last year I bothered going. The students couldn’t form a full circle because the Baptists and the Assembly of God kids couldn’t agree on which one of their churches would burn in hell. That’s right. And just to be clear, Assembly of God is a form of Pentacostal church… the Pentacostals are an offshoot of Baptists that seperated a few years back. True story.

    Of course, most of the time they can find better targets for their rage. Such as when the local HS Band Instructor lost his job for being gay… so they could hire a new guy (who, at least to me, was obviously gay) who was married to a woman (I think it was a woman). Or when I watched a HS senior take a crowbar to the car of a sophmore guy (who was a flag twirler in Band…super gay) in the school parking lot (kid didn’t even get swats with a paddle… being 30 seconds late for class eared 3 swats).

    Like I said, I never had to divulge my true self. So I never truly experienced direct homophobia… but I constantly experienced indirect hate (such as that spewed out by Kern and her ilk).

    Shane, no, Oklahoma is not a good place to live. Its not a good place to grow up. It’s a hatefilled place that no person should be forced to be exposed to. Though there are quite a few good people in Oklahoma, it’s a small percentage when compared against the whole. Who wants to live in a place where the only people who like you are the ones who think exactly like you do, and look exactly like you do, and go to the EXACT SAME CHURCH (specifically, cause the only good pastor is your pastor) as you do? Not I said the educated man who moved away.

    I sincerely hope Oklahoma and Oklahomans get exactly what they deserve… either in this life, or the next.

  • Shane

    Don, Bless your heart for going through all that in Oklahoma. I know all people are not open to having gay friends or accepting of all gay people and I am truly sorry of your experiance. I was only talking of my experiance in Oklahoma. I had more attacks from that gay comunity not standing up for themselves and holding each other accountable for our actions. I just wish more gay people woud live by the morals they were raised with all over this country. Perhaps we would have more repect from those we think are judging us!

    Good luck in your new city and with the acceptance of your bi-sexual lifestyle.

  • miss mary

    let’s keep our dignity and let jesse keep his

    this is a copy of the e-mail i sent to sally upon hearing her horrible hate speech

    You bring shame on the name KERN and all who call themselves Christian.
    George Kern was a loving, caring, forgiving and accepting man.
    His name does not deserve the shame that you bring with your ignorance.
    I’m so very angry about you disgracing the name KERN….
    Steve was ADOPTED by a loving man and YOU disgrace the name.

    I think you deserve every negative consequence of your homophobia…
    I also think you’re so ignorant you’ll never understand what you’ve said or who you’ve hurt.

    You are a disgrace….break it down, Christian, dis-grace!

    I’m ashamed of you and I regret that we were ever part of the same family. We’ve all pulled some doozies…but your hate speech is unacceptable! EVER!

    steve kern’s adoptive father was my beloved stepfather…i’m glad he’s not alive to know what’s happened to jesse. no, not that he’s gay. we knew that when he was a tiny little boy. it was as natural as rain. if he truly is denying that part of his soul i find that is as sad as his homophobe bigotbitch mother.

    i’m not a male OR gay…but i love people who are both.

    let your love light shine

  • John Andert

    I appreciate your post overall, but why meet the hateful ugliness of people like Sally Kern with more hateful ugliness? From the tone of your post one would almost think that Kern’s son Jesse was the one on trial here.

    Kern couches her ugly remarks in Christianity. If her treatment of her son really is what you describe here, she is anything but christian – much less an empathetic human being. But again, why meet ugliness with more ugliness? All this can be put on the table without putting her son – who I expect has not had an easy time of it – through the wringer as well.

    The tenor of your remarks about Jesse could almost be construed as, well, homophobic.

  • understanding

    I would like for you to know that despite what you have been told….Christians do not hate or abhor gays. Sadly though there are many who profess to be Christians and make a big deal out of showing that they are better than homosexuals. They are not tre Christians or they would not malign gays publicly and blatantly. I myself do not condone homosexuality because it is a direct and blatant violation of the Bible. But I will not hate or belittle those who have conciously chosen this as their lifestyle. God has given man free choice to obey or disobey Him as they please. The Bible says that one sin is no greater than another so those who have sinned in any way (all of us) can not rate themselves one step higher than those who have also sinned in any way (all of us). Know that our Sally Kern does NOT hate you….and she has forgiven those who daily threaten and slander her and her family. Her life has been given over to the LORD God so she knows that they are also threatening and slandering the Most High God. “Vengeance is the LORD’s….” and Mrs. Kern knows and believes this. She is in no way hating on or badmouthing gays despite the carefully edited speeches and remarks that would make it seem so. As to the matter of whether her son is/was gay or not….that’s something that I believe you should investigate further. Im fact…you should talk personally with her son. I think he would be the best source as to uncovering the truth about himself…..don’t you? Lastly, I….along with hundreds of others attended th RALLY FOR SALLY at our STATE CAPITAL. I encourage you to go onto a Republican site and to view the whole, entire, unedited speech…..and then write this article again…..realizing that Sally Kern is not the evil, homophobic, gay disowning mother, wife, senator, and Christian that you would have others belive she was. Be careful what you say, type, blog,assume…..for God is watching every person…observing their every move….and will judge accordingly. I am sorry for any hate that you have felt and I continue to pray for you and yours….that your eyes would be opened to the love, mercy, and unchallenged truth of the one true LORD, the CHRIST JESUS.

  • DeathWind1

    I looked up JESSIES age he is 31 as of MARCH of this year

  • Jeffy Dylan

    I hope Sally Kern gets caught in some Lesbian sex scandle. I fucking hate her guts and I hope she fucking burns at stake for being a accused witch. What, you didn’t know she was a witch? It’s pretty obvious. I mean, she does have that broomstick sticking out of her big ass.

    !!!Burn Sally Burn!!!

  • Embarrassed in Oklahoma


    Wow, all I can say is SCARY!! Besides the obvious stupidity in quoting the bible (which was written by MAN you moron!), calling this article hate is absolutely asinine. Which would you like to be? The pot or the kettle?

    Sally Kern is no different from Hitler. She’s just on a smaller stage. She spews hate and anger from an uneducated viewpoint. Of all her faults, stupidity is probably greatest.

    I am a white, male, heterosexual who supports equal rights for all. Sally has dreamed up her own sick and twisted version of the Constitution where the only rights afforded in this country are those who believe as she does.

    I don’t believe in god but I sure do hope that there IS a hell for people like Kern!

  • John Smith

    @Brian Bernardini:

    Brian, everyone knows your wife is your beard.

  • TK

    Haha, I love this kind of crap. Before “Christ” homosexuality wasn’t even a “term”. Before Christ, you had major world leaders, *cough Alexander the Great cough* pursuing other men. Once again, homosexuality wasn’t a term and wasn’t frowned upon. Any history majors know why? Probably most don’t. Man on man was considered just another orgasm, no one cared; especially of those whom were a higher power and would most likely have you beheaded with an outburst expression. Our day and age is a freaking joke, we’ve consumed ourselves upon the revelation of something so infatuating we’ve lost our moral being. We believe in great philosopher’s who didn’t believe in our one, “true” just god, hell we teach them in our schools. Our society is so hypocritical I laugh at people who think they know an argument. Politicians plague this earth and must be dealt with promptly, any action against the US government (I’m from texas and do love the US) is considered an act of terrorism. So, when we took this country from Great Britain, were our actions not deemed terroristic? Thanks Bush, you damn failure. Not to say the bombings of Oklahoma city were just, the man did have a point and lost his life for what he believed in, and what our forefathers did as well; “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” – Guess who quoted that morons? I guarantee you, and hope the military doesn’t show up on my doorstep, that if not our generation (I’m twenty-one), the next one WILL rise up against; for these stupid, idiot, religious fanatic, horrible politicians will reap what they have sowed into once was a thriving country. I know I have my shotguns ready…

  • Jonathan Shmulovich


    You should totally make public that he abandoned you as a baby…his opponents would happily make the message viral. I am so sorry that had to happen to you man.

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