Sally Kern’s Anti-Gay Op-Ed

Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern simply can’t quit her anti-gay ways. After coming out last week against gay discrimination, Kern took pen to paper and published an op-ed in which she again rails against the so-called “gay agenda:”

Anyone who thinks there is no homosexual agenda need only look here in Oklahoma to the newly formed Equal Rights Project created to help elect candidates by bridging the gay/straight community. The Equal Rights Project states “We felt we were uniquely qualified to help those running in the South and the Bible Belt. Running in these communities is much different than in California and New York. Our idea was to train, educate and support all candidates who support equal rights for all.”

Homosexuals are already citizens who have equal rights. They want “special rights” for the acceptance of their deviant lifestyle. I’m thankful that Oklahoma is different than California and New York. I pray it stays that way.

Kern’s letter also cites right wing “research” indicating that gays aren’t “born that way:”

Homosexuals insist they are born gay, yet a study by Dr. Neil Whitehead and Briar Whitehead on various cultures states: “If homosexuality were influenced by genes, it would appear in every culture, but in 29 of 79 cultures surveyed in 1952, homosexuality was rare or absent.”

The gay rights movement, of course, didn’t get off the ground until 1969. There’s no doubt in our mind that most 50s-era homos wouldn’t readily come out for fear of social alienation. But we wouldn’t expect Kern to understand such internal turmoil. Nor can we comprehend why Kern and her ilk believe people would willingly join a group that has faced and continues to face such widespread discrimination. We would have to be certifiably insane.

Kern’s vile politics doesn’t stop with the gays. Homo-journo Michael Heaton attended Kern’s University of Central Oklahoma appearance last night and reports that she refers to non-Christians as “infidels” and that Christianity stands as the only path to salvation. It seems to us that despite Kern’s claims that we gays are worse than terrorists, it’s she who hold more in common with Islamic fundamentalists than any homo we know.