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  • ChicagoJimmy

    The second one is really funny.

  • KPB

    Yeah, it sure does beat Snagglepuss. Things can only be funny when they’re poking fun at the other side.

  • fredo777

    In related news, I found out David Archuleta was LDS.

    Le sigh. I wonder if that means I’ll have to give up my posters + wall mural. : (


  • damien

    @fredo777: Well, so is The Killers cutie, Brandon Flowers, and I can’t stop playing their new song.

    Of course, as you know, there are quite a few Mormons who do NOT oppose gay rights. (Flowers being a very outspoken advocate of gay rights.) In fact, every Mormon I know personally have no problem with gay marriage.

  • fredo777


    Yeah, I know some Mormons are on our side.

    I was just a little sad @ the idea of someone whom I supported during Idol potentially being a gay-hater as per his religion’s orders.

  • Maplewoody

    I wonder where Mormons Donny (married with gazillion kids) & Marie Osmond (twice married, and divirced with gazillion kids) stand on the Prop 8 issue.

  • Mark

    Brendon Urie used to be Mormon. Now he’s sexin’ it up with his bandmate.


  • Doug

    Haa! Fredo your a mormon lover!

  • fredo777


    ; D

  • SLCJosh

    Thanks for helping out Utah’s tarnished image, Queerty. This whole “Boycott Utah” thing has really pissed me off. Sure there are a lot of Mormons in Utah, but there are a lot of GLBT/ally people too! Don’t boycott the entire state for something the Mormon Church (which admittedly has an influence on just about everything) has done. There are a lot of Mormons in California, too.

    Anyway, I love Pat Bagley’s toons!

  • Stenar

    FYI: Salt Lake City is very progressive. SLC hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1971. That’s right, we’ve had Democratic mayors for over 33 years straight.
    Obama won Salt Lake County, the largest county in Utah. Salt Lake County is run by Democrats and most of the representatives in the state legislature from SL Co. are Democrats. That includes 2 lesbians and a gay man in the state legislature from SL Co.

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