Salt Lake Tribune To Run Full Page Ad “Lies in the Name of the Lord” Tomorrow

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Truth Wins Out says it will take out a full-page advertisement Thursday in The Salt Lake Tribune under the headline, “Lies in the Name of the Lord.” It’s a response to another full-page ad placed in last Friday’s New York Times by supporters of the California constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage that passed on Election Day. The New York Times ad accused opponents of Proposition 8 of waging mob violence. Truth Wins Out director Wayne Besen says that ad grossly distorted peaceful protests across the country that followed in the wake of the California vote. [AP]

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  • Leland Frances


    Here’s what ja can do to get this ad in front of others, in BIG papers like the NY Times where the H8TE full-pager appeared:

    Contact HRC, aka the Human Rights Champaign Fund, [see how below] and tell them to dip into that $20-30 MILLION or so they tend to have in the bank and pay for it to appear in the NYT, USA Today, etc.

    What are they CURRENTLY doing in reponse to the H8TEful ad? Well…..wait for it….they’ve started a special Website, because “Human Rights Campaign is urging people to take action online. By visiting the website, supporters can write a letter to the New York Times; send an email to the Beckett Fund, the organization that paid for the misleading New York Times advertisement; and share their personal story with and let them know how the passage of Prop 8 affected their life.”

    In other words, they want you to PISS IN THE OCEAN!

    Well, PISS ON THEM, until they put their money OUR money where their mouths are!

    Tell HRC how you feel Toll-Free: 800/777-4723

  • ask ena

    I’m kinda more mad at the Mormon doublespeak engine than I am at the HRC.

  • JohnInManhattan

    God bless you, Wayne Besen!

  • The Gay Numbers

    I like the pushback in red areas of the country. Need to do more of this. Stop ceding territory to the Religious Right. Really cool.

  • Willie Hewes

    Go Besen, go Besen!

    Fully agree with The Gay Numbers. Don’t just whine at the New York Times, talk to your opponents.

  • Bruno

    I was wondering why it was going in the SLC Trib instead of the NYT, but after reading it, I understand. It’s incredible…should be quite effective.

  • Brian

    Great job Wayne…and great job HRC. I am sort of getting tired of all the HRC bashing – they are doing great things for us -I worked on the hill, and we all know politics and appreciate their work.

  • REBELComx

    This is a great idea and all, but wouldn’t it be more effective to actually put up a list of these people’s lies alongside the actual truth of the matter? All this ad does is call these few individuals liars, and then give quotes to show that they disagree with each other on some issues. Nowhere does it give any information about what they actually lied about in the NYT ad or during the race up to the Prop 8 vote. It’s just a personal attack. Isn’t this really just a political smear campaign ad like we got so much of during the election?

  • tallskin

    Hey, you have to support the Washington DC Atheist Bus campaign. If it works in Washington it will spread to other parts of the USA.

    This came from an original idea for London Buses, which has now raised hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    It is all part of the wider struggle for secularism and atheism against the evil forces of religion – and as you know the more secular a country (ie Western Europe) the better equality and rights gays have.

  • Robert71350

    We should all help Wayne by sending a donation to Truth Wins Out headed by Wayne to help spread the “truth” about the lies and deceit perpetrated by the religious loonies. About time we bashed back, but harder.

  • chuck

    I don’t know what the hell is going on with this site, but I just tried two times now, to post a letter that I sent to Joe Salmonese. For some odd reason I do not fathom, it is not being posted?

  • chuck

    @Leland Frances:

    Anyone wishing to read my letter to Joe Salmonese may do so by going to the blog entitled The Gay Rights Ad Salt Lake Woke Up To This Morning where I posted it earlier this evening.

  • chuck


    Umm…would you care to enlighten the rest of us as to what HRC had to do with the Truth Wins Out ad?

    Did I miss something while I stepped out to take a leak?

  • chuck


    This is a copy and paste of a letter I will be posting to Mr. Bessen in the morning. I’ve included the snail-mail address in case anyone else on these threads would care to either write or donate to the Truth Wins Out.

    December 11, 2008

    Mr. Wayne Bessen
    Two Executive Director
    Truth Wins Out
    Post Office Box 25491
    Brooklyn, NY 11202

    Dear Mr. Bessen,

    I read about the letter you sent to the Salt Lake Times on Queerty today.

    Bravo. Job well done. Mr. Bessen. Your ad was a stroke of genius. Those of us who read and post on Queerty daily, are delighted to know that we have an ally like you who is willing to speak up and counter the rhetoric and lies that have been flung in the face of the LGBT community over the course of the Constitutional rape in California called Proposition 8.

    I am enclosing a copy of a letter that I just mailed to Mr. Joe Salmonese of the Human Rights Campaign. As a bitterly disappointed ex-member of HRC, I will admit that it is sharply critical of HRC’s top-down, clumsy handling of No on Proposition 8. I make no apologies for it, however.

    If nothing else, it might just serve as a wake-up call from the many thousands of LGBT people who have given their generous financial support to HRC over the years and are now angry that HRC dropped the ball on such an important issue. Had they not been so elitist and smugly wrapped-up in their “Step back…we’ve got it handled” attitude, we might still be enjoying the right to get married in California.

    Who knows? It might even prompt them to contact you and throw a little money your way to get the letter published in the New York Times and a few other major newspapers across America. Now that would really make some waves.

    Many posters on the Queerty blog have suggested making donations to Truth Wins Out. Please accept my meager check enclosed, which I hope, will help to make some smaller waves. I am posting this letter on Queerty with your snail mail address in the hope that others will also send in whatever donations they can afford so that you can continue the good fight.

    With all best wishes,

    Charles J. Mueller
    Tampa, Florida

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