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Salty butch queen douses ballroom judges in mace after his boyfriend gets the chop

A ball in Atlanta got a little too spicy this weekend, and the ballroom community is more than gagged.

The main category at the Haus of Del Core’s Black Card 4 ball was butch queen face, a category for cis men to sell a prize-winning, photo spread-ready mug.

The cash prize for this category was a smooth $10,000:

It was no doubt a prize worth fighting for. However, after one man was chopped (a.k.a eliminated) from the category, his boyfriend took it much farther than your average ballroom scrap.

Toni Del Core was done up, selling Hellraiser to the tens. What he apparently wasn’t selling was butch queen face.

The judges weren’t buying it:

In the video, Toni demands to know who chopped him. Apparently, it was a single judge: the up-and-coming icon Vinny Margiela.

The chopped contestant then attempted to rush the panel, and presumably Vinny specifically:

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Later in the night, Toni’s boyfriend, Prince Carter Del Core took the situation into his own hands.

In the now-infamous moment, Carter quickly passes by the judging panel, spraying them all with bear mace:

Rumors began swirling that the event was premeditated. After all, why did he have bear mace on hand at a community competition?

Further fueling these rumors was the fact that the ball was hosted by Fred Del Core, the overall founding father of their house, as well as Carter being allowed to leave the building unscathed. Some allege that Del Core members then protected Carter from retaliation in the parking lot following the assault.

Though he hosted the event and presides over the house of the perpetrators, most do believe it’s doubtful that the father himself was involved in the attack. Fred Del Core has hosted Black Card balls for over a decade (previously as Fred Chanel) and likely would not knowingly allow his personally renowned event to be disrupted by petty violence.

Since the incident, the father has removed both Toni and Carter from the house. The house has also pledged ten thousand additional dollars to be donated to charity.

Here are just a few of the reactions to the event:

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And, deservedly, just a few of the butch queen looks that didn’t get to walk that night:

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