Sam Adams’ Mayoral Recall Effort Is Making Grown Men Get Feisty With Each Other


Portland Mayor Sam Adams won’t face criminal charges for allegedly lying to investigators about his relationship with Beau Breedlove, but the recall effort to remove him from his post is still underway. Leading the fight to bring honest heterosexuals back to public office is Jason Wurster, who appeared at a city council meeting Wednesday — to mince words with the City Commissioner.


That would be Randy Leonard, who Wurster (pictured, left) pegs as “Sam’s mouthpiece.” (Leonard’s rebuttal: “I believe in Sam. I believe he is good for this city. I believe this city needs him.” This, from a guy who appeared on stage with Adams wearing leather and Spandex.)

The heated exchange comes amidst Wurster’s on-going effort to collect some 32,500 signatures, which would put Adam’s mayoral tenure back up for vote in November if he doesn’t choose to resign. It will also have the residual effect of making Breedlove more famous-er!

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