Sam Adams’ Spokesperson Resigns


Well, the Portland Mayor has decided to keep his job, but that hasn’t kept Wade Nkrumah, the Mayor’s spokesperson from seeking greener pastures. Though the article doesn’t point it out, Nkrumah is the former Oregonian reporter who Adams hired after he began investigating Breedlove’s involvement with Adams. We know it’s one state south, but Portland has totally become the gay Twin Peaks.
Oregon Live reports:

Nkrumah, 48, declined to comment on his reasons but said his departure was voluntary. He said he spoke with the mayor and submitted a short resignation letter. Adams, he said, was “disappointed.” Nkrumah, a former reporter for The Oregonian, said he has no new job lined up. He accepted the post in November, with Adams set to take over as mayor in January. Nkrumah said he does not believe anyone else on Adams’ staff has resigned in the wake of Adams’ admission that he lied about a 2005 relationship with Beau Breedlove.

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  • Anthony in Nashville

    I can only assume he’s leaving because he got his job with Adams based on his ability to keep his secret, and now that the tea has been spilled, he serves no purpose.

  • sparkle obama

    i can’t believe the way some of you reacted to this story.
    hillary lost & liars are out of style.
    show a little class and consistency, gays!
    have some standards!

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    This is lifted from the Willamette Weekly article that started this fiasco.

    ” Several recent developments have added to this story. The first happened on Dec. 22, 2008, when Adams hired Portland Mercury City Hall reporter Amy Ruiz to be his adviser on sustainability and strategic planning.

    Ruiz, 28, acknowledged in a Jan. 15 interview that she has no experience in sustainability, planning or government.

    “This town has a million and a half urban planners, and I’m not one of them,” she says.

    Ruiz’s new salary—$55,000—is substantially more than she made at The Mercury.

    Mayors and city commissioners frequently hire people whose enthusiasm exceeds their experience. But it was what Ruiz had done as a reporter—or more specifically, what she had not done—that brought into question Adams’ decision to hire her.”

    So apparently Sam Adams has been quite busy in promoting his cover-up.

  • charles

    I think all this means he will just be a one-term mayor.

  • iloverain

    twin peaks(the film, not he show) was filmed partially in oregon….btw

    isn’t sam’s husband (dom. partner) an Oregonian reporter also…me thinks that the mix of oregonian staff and politicians is more than just an adams thing.

  • Ben

    According to Wikipedia, his partner is Peter Zuckerman an Oregonian reporter, though I think he does environmental reporting. This relationship began in 2008, when Adams was on the Portland City Council.

    He was in a relationship with another man, Greg Eddie, between 1992 and 2004, and they eventually became domestic partners (and sued to dissolve this arrangement in 2007). The Breedlove affair occurred in 2005, and it doesn’t appear he was seeing anyone at that point.

    So at least he’s not a two-timer. A liar, yes. A cradle-robber, yes. Willing to corrupt the local press? Yes. A two-timer? No.

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