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Sam Champion Loving The Snatch?

If you’re a gay New Yorker, you’ve no doubt seen a shirtless Sam Champion living it up at the gay nightspots. We sure as shit have – and, quite frankly, it’s whore-ific!

Considering the body of empirical evidence supporting the GMA weatherman’s man loving, we can’t help but wonder whether he’s turned Scientologist. Consider this piece of Gawker-acquired gossip:

Here’s a bizarre sighting of the ABC weatherman with a female date at the Royalton’s new restaurant. “Friday January 18th, 9pm 44th and 6th Ave: Sam Champion the weatherman making out with his dining companion at Brasserie 44… AND IT WAS A WOMAN! His ‘date’ climbed on top of his lap (knocking over the vase on the table) and started sucking face. Drawing audible gasps from the people dining nearby.”

We’re absolutely faggergasted!

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  • Becca

    Was it his sister? Every Native NYer knows Sam Champion is Gay.

    Come on! I mean really. What next. Bush is greatest president ever?

  • Billy

    anybody get a glimpse of her adam’s apple??

  • dvlaries

    Weather Channel sometimes features this guy, you don’t even have to be a New Yorker to know him. If he’s straight so is Richard Simmons. I don’t care what he looks like shirtless, that forced, faked smile oughta scare any thinking person away.

  • ProfessorVP

    Obviously a page from the TomKat school of Hetero Publicity Overkill.

  • Vince

    That big S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G QUEEN? !!!!! And that’s Ka-ween with a capital K.

    She must be doing meth

  • degan22

    I gotta say- looks ok shirtless.
    But yeah: total queen.

  • DavidDust

    You know how it is when you go out drinking with your best FagHag. A few tequila shots and the next thing ya know…

  • DavidDust

    His neighbors on Fire Island will be SHOCKED! And so will the big, strapping guy I’ve seen him holding hands with in my neighborhood…

  • gay as life

    Oh please, it was probably a fag and his hag having a laugh. And, gee, look, he even gets publicity out of it.

  • Becca

    ooppps. sorry everyone. that was supposed to get Cut & Paste to a chat with a friend. Don’t everyone tell me the link is already in the story

  • Jim

    Maybe he decided he could no longer hold the queer demographic when Jeff Ranieri showed up on NBC, ha ha ha, so he’s just going to take his balls and go home.

  • Gregg

    Obviously a drag queen. I have known many of his “brown” boyfriends – and have traveled with them. This is totally a joke.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Leave Robin Roberts alone!!! Did I just OUT her? Oops, I did it again. LEAVE ROBIN ROBERTS ALONE!!

  • Nikko

    I think he’s hot, professional, deservedly well liked, and not a queen…he’s fine by me, which means, yeah, I definitely would do him. You sour bitches, say something nice for a change!

  • hells kitchen guy

    gay as life: You’re probably right! He’s probably looking at this blog and laughing at us right now. I’ll bet it was a goof.

  • Wolfie

    Thats just such a fake story.

  • fabianlander

    Every Native NYer knows Sam Champion is Gay.
    Come on! i seem seen him on a pop website gaysinglehunt.com .let us find out more sensation on it.

  • nycgayguy

    I have to say this is acrock! I have personally fantasized about Champion since he came on to ABC when I was a teen! I personally saw him at a gay nightclub in the City but being the shy little gay I am retreated instead of grabbing every part of him I could! Trust me people, he’s as gay as the Fab Five!

  • John

    Sam has a home in Wilton Connecticut. On Sunday nights a Str8 bar called Art Bar used to go gay on that night only. I saw Sam all the time at Art Bar. In the gay subculture the rumor is he likes black men. The previous comment on his fake smile is so true. His smile is so fake you can see it a mile away along with his fake laugh.

  • Jason

    I Jason met Sam Champion on July 4 ,2000. He persude me for dinner in the Fire Island Pines. This parti ular night we lost each other in a club in the pines. Being sophiscated I went to Renny Flirist to send an orchid with a not. Sam we did norlt exchange phone numbers. Our intimated kissing was ovious to all his friends. “How long do you know each other they asked! “. We met tonight through his friend Virack and JimRiley.
    He wine me and dine me. I like Sam but after having dinner with him at Maloney & Porcell ( wich is documented in Moloney and Porcell Gurest book) he met Paul the same evening for an intimate interlude. Yes, Paul is African Ameican and half American Indian. Paul confronted me if I was dating Sam. Yes, I reply. He informed how the very night I was being Romance he slept with Sam. Congraulations Paul! I’m no longer interested in a liar who wears a Buhitist tatioo on his left adomimal. Paul said , Jason we went to the supermarket and I asked him why can’t we be together. He reply, ” Paul the sex is good!”. I spoke to my friends at the Pines that Summer calmly. I said, Jim how could he come on so strong and then blow me off? Jim said, Don’t be navie Jason he is a player. Rumor has it he does crystal met too. Listen you got over him quicker than you did Brian J Landeche who you were really in love with to the extream! Count your Blessings! Here I can admit liking Sam
    but found him to be a player who reads Buhist literature but doesn’t pratice what he preaches! This was my fourth of July weekend! Then he left for Spain and blew me off! Jason

  • Samanatha

    Maybe he “straightened out” after hanging out with Matt Sanchez. I saw those two “journalists” together eating and talking at the Film Center Cafe on 44th and 9th in Midtown, last week.

  • Jason did you

    Jason: Sam may have expectations beyond someone having a massive cock like Rod (Matt Sanchez) Majors. Sam may expect someone to be able to actually read and write.

    Hey, maybe that’s why he went with Matt Sanchez

  • 6 degrees

    Yeah and….. More on Mike Woods? So HOTT!! Today is his BDAY, like me.

  • graci

    Who cares if Sam is gay. He is a good looking man and good what he does. People quit judging people and mind your own busness . every body has skeltens in the closet.

  • Stephen Sloan

    No reason to be to flabbergasted by Sam’s behavior, it was a She-Male………

  • ewe

    Oh please. What a Poof. Not that i give a fuck but come on. Who the hell would believe this charade?

  • ewe

    @Samanatha: Ick. Is Dirty Matt Sanchez still ticking? Ick. I can’t stand that Bitch. lmao

  • ewe

    @graci: People with skeletons in their closet should not go around creating more. lol.

  • blaze

    ewwwww you like brian lancheche what is wrong with you ????????? he is a freakkkkkkkkkkk , have you seen him lately offf wait yes , you still go camp out in his apartment , and cover all his evil plans .. ughhh disgusting !!! tell ur beloved friend landeche it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out in the village voice and everyone knows the true landeche … ohh and by the way i don’t think splash is gonna make it .. byeee

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