Sam Jackson Fights Prop 8!

From The Editor: I’ve known Sam Jackson for about eight years, since my freshman year at Vassar, where his daughter Zoe also matriculated. Thus, this bit of news is especially personal for me – the actor, who’s a doll, spent some of his precious time yesterday recording a radio ad urging voters to vote “no” on Proposition 8. Hoorah!

If you haven’t been paying attention or have been in a coma, Prop 8 hopes to overturn the California Supreme Court’s decision that gay folk deserve the right to marry. It’s a really nasty little piece of electoral garbage, so a very big thank you for your support, Sam! I have a big gay hug with your name written all over it!


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    meanwhile, the rest of his clan are out doing smack, stealing cars, robbing gas stations and blaming white people for the fact that they cant get jobs and that they dont get enough welfare to support their nightly feed of KFC

    fkin degenerates

  • Dubwise

    Men-Sor+comment= Weak Troll

    Jackson is a bad a$$ on screen.

    I can’t wait to see him as Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Dubwise

    Churchill-Y = Men-sor.

    Racist TROLLS/freepers!

    If you can’t find someone to agree with you, simply sign on as someone else and agree with yourself!

  • Woof

    I hope the message went like this in true Jackson fashion, “you dumb mutha fuckas better vote mutha fucking No on that weak ass bullshit prop 8.”

  • andrew

    Men-Sor, why are you so awful? It’s really gross.


    @ #6 andrew

    no, do you know whats gross? the fact that you are brainwashing all these impressionable little sheep with all ur leftist-faggoty agenda bullshit.

    obama will RUIN THIS COUNTRY!

    doesnt it concern you that just in a month, a terrorist could be running the country? obviously not, cuz ur so far up obama’s black hole that you fail to see what’s really going on. btw obama isnt for gay marriage either, fucktard

  • Dubwise

    Men-Sor you are starting to sound…oh wait…you’ve sounded desperate for a long time.

  • Reverend Joe BAYTZIM


    In many ways, it’s a false “church” testing our Government to see what they can get away with, before they can launch their plan to take over America. Pray to Jesus and you’ll know the real answer: vote NO on proposition 8.

  • Mr C


    I really wish you do something about him and Churchill-Y!

  • REBELComx

    Woof! You’re thinkin the same thing I am. I just keep picturing the Dave Chapelle show..”NO, I CAN’T STOP YELLIN’. CAUSE THAT’S HOW I TALK!”

  • ChristopherM

    This is the first time I’ve commented in days. I quit reading the comments because any productive and interesting discussion gets hijacked by the racist claptrap of a couple of people. Andrew, you do not have any obligation to give these people a forum. At the very least, readers deserve an explanation as to why these people are being allowed to spam your site with racism.

  • Kit

    OK, this totally made my day. Props to Sam Jackson, who isn’t just a great actor but apparently also a nice guy to boot. (Does he really go by ‘Sam’? It took me a second to register who the headline was about since I’m so used to seeing his full name.)

    Only seven days to go! My wishlist:

    1. Obama wins.
    2. Democrats achieve a supermajority in the Senate.
    3. Californians uphold same-sex marriage.
    4. The idiot racist trolls infesting Queerty slink off in shame and despair, never to be heard from again.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    7 days until the end of the Bushe regime

    7 days until President Obama, the first African-American President

    7 days until Churchill-y/Man-whore are surveilanced for Hate Crimes

    7 days until we party like it’s 2009!

    Note to Sam Jackson: Please do a sequel to Shaft as we really loved it when Churchill-y’s Dad played by Christian Bale was tried for “Hate Crimes” Who you gonna call?


  • SlowMo


    I concur with Mr. C (No. 10 and 11). Men-Sor and Churchill-y are on here only to spew their hate speech. One wonders what right-wing group is paying them to do this job. Other blogs have a “Comment Policy”. Queerty needs to institute to one before these two bozos successfully drive everyone away from this site (which is their intent).

  • fredo777


    Sam J is a cool dude.

    Now even moreso.

  • DJ Jazzy Waldo

    @Dubwise: Hey Men-Sor, you sound hot. Are you seeing anyone?

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