Sam “Just Sam” Hatmaker’s Lost His Damn Mind

We were just checking our brimming inbox when a particular subject caught our eye: “Shameless Self Promotion”. Obviously we were intrigued, but were especially piqued by two words: “Sam” and “Hatmaker”.

Remember Sam Hatmaker aka Just Sam: one of our illustrious We Want Your Art contributors? Well, we certainly haven’t…

Anyway, the email comes from Dan Avery, who sat down with Hatmaker to get the inside scoop on Hatmaker’s collection of Wonder Woman figurines, of which he’s got loads. Seriously, it’s insane. He’s totally obsessed. (And that’s putting it lightly.)

Avery writes:

His most prized possession…is a 1967 Wonder Woman doll from Ideal Toys, still in its original packaging. “She cost me $4,000. I wiped out my savings account for her,” Hatmaker admits. “I was saving to buy an apartment, but in 15 years of collecting I’d never seen one in that good condition.”

Um…we don’t really know what to say.

Sure, there are tons of things we like, but we can’t imagine spending our apartment fund (if we had one) on a doll. We don’t care how wonderous this woman may be, we’re not sure she’s worth it.

Although, looking at that picture of the happy Hatmaker hugging his WW almost makes it worth it. Watching the article’s accompanying video, however, definitely convinces us. (Of course, we didn’t pay $4,000, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.)

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