Sam Smith And New Boyfriend Jonathan Go Public With Enviable New Year’s Photos

A few weeks ago, Sam Smith said of his brand-new relationship with Jonathan Zeizel:

“It’s very early days. I’m talking very, very, very early days. But he’s really sweet… he was one of 20 extras [in the music video for “Like I Can”]. It’s a surreal thing to be talking about because I haven’t even confirmed with him that we’re officially seeing each other.”

But it’s a new year, and oh how things can change in two weeks.

The two traveled to Australia to celebrate New Year’s, and posted a whole crop of luxurious-looking vacation shots. Sam is singing a completely different tune now, which goes like this:

“I started my year so lonely and still fully in love with someone who didn’t love me back. Right now I feel so unbelievably loved back. You have all changed my life & I will forever be thankful. May we have many more New Years together. Can’t wait to see you all in 2015 and sing my ass off for you.”

Here’s the photos Sam shared:





h/t Frontiers Media