Sam Smith Celebrates His Birthday By Sharing Some Of The Wisdom He’s Acquired In His 23 Years On Earth

Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 9.54.37 AMSam Smith has turned 23, everyone. And he’s decided to mark the occasion by publicly sharing some of the wisdom he’s acquired over the past two decades with his 3.8 million Instagram followers.

“Prepare yourself for dramatic speech,” Smith, who was born in 1992, prefaced his post yesterday. “I’ve only lived on this earth for 23 years and I have so much more to learn and so many more mistakes to make. But there is one thing I’ve learnt in my not so many years.”

What is that one thing, you ask?

“That is love is the most important thing in life,” Smith wrote.

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The singer continued: “Surround yourself with family and friends and people who genuinely love you. I am so lucky and these past few years have been so amazing but also so challenging and I would definitely be in a world full of troubles right now if it wasn’t for … my family and friends who can’t be with me today.”

“Dramatic as fuck I know, but I thought I’d share my emotional but I hope wise words with y’all.”

Wise words, indeed. Thanks, Sam. And Happy Birthday.

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