Samberg’s Fast & Furious Spoof: Another Stab at Gay Humor

Who knew car racing had so many homoerotic innuendos? Picking up where he left off in I Love You Man, semi-tolerable Andy Samberg teamed with Saturday Night Live host Seth Rogen to produce this fake ad for The Fast and The Bi Curious. Fortunately, the spoof ad lasts only 90 seconds, not 90 minutes like this weekend’s fourth installation of Fast & The Furious. (Actually, it lasts 107 minutes.)

And with all things gay on SNL, it’s time to answer the question: A homophobic attempt at comedy (look how repulsed the girl looks in the final scene!), or another instance where Samberg is in on the joke?

Samberg has defended himself against these accusations before. He told Out he’s not mocking gays in these skits; he’s mocking straight guys’ uncomfortableness with homosexuality. “It’s bro-gay, which I love just because dudes that are bros and super antigay are the ones who need to get it the worst. They’re the ones we have the most fun fucking with.”