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Same-Sex Marriage Is Good For Business. So Why Won’t Republicans Support It?

Refusing to let Rachel Maddow suck up all the primetime cable news buzz, Keith Olbermann created a new segment for himself. It’s called “WTF,” and it’s really an extension of “Worst Person in the World,” where Olbermann gets another opportunity to call bullshit on bullshitters. Which we’re all for! So Olbermann runs some numbers on Michael Steele’s assertion that same-sex marriage is bad for small businesses — because they’ll have to start dishing out health benefits to us — and finds the RNC chairman’s methodology is bankrupt. Like his morals!

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  • cufflinks

    I love Keith and gay marriage and all, but the flaw in his argument — that gay weddings help the economy — is that gay weddings are already happening regardless of whether or not they’re legal. Even if prop 8 stands, California gay men and women are still going to spend major bucks on a commitment ceremony. Keith seems to be implying that if gay marriage remains illegal, no one will have these ceremonies anymore. Gay marriage/committment ceremonies have been going on for years — long before any of the states allowed gay marriage.

    I know he means well, but he can be a bit tone deaf sometimes.

  • luvrly

    How can he even say that allowing gay marriage will hurt small business bc they now have to pay out a bit of extra medical benefits? Using that argument, why hire STRAIGHT people that can LEGALLY get married? WHy not hire all the homos bc then u dont have to pay the partner benefits? GOD!!! They are so STUPID!!!!

  • Dennis

    They won’t support it because the only republicans left in that shithole of a political party are the hardcore certifiably insane Jesus-freaks, old-relic neocons, hardcore racists, and NRA wingnuts…a nice assortment of total whackjobs. These people can’t change, won’t change, and would rather “go down with the ship” than admit that discrimination, prejudice and scapegoating is wrong.

    When rethugs hate the gays MORE than they love making money (and they LOVE them some money), we are witnessing true “bunker mentality”…most of the (civilized) world is against them and they know it… Sorry, but I see this as direct Karma in action, make others suffer, and you shall suffer as well. Suffer bitches, suffer.

  • edgyguy1426

    @luvrly: That’s a GREAT comeback! Wish I’d thought of it!

  • Ian

    I looooooove Keith.

    My heterosexual hero.

  • sdandy

    I thought it was a pretty lame argument. Shouldn’t he have at least mentioned also that by not providing health and other benefits to partners innately/blatantly admits discrimination?

  • Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace

    I’ve been busy this summer officiating for many couples who are coming to Connecticut to wed. And they’re bringing their families too, for long and extended weekends in order to celebrate their marriages. Congratulations all!

    They’re coming to Connecticut because they aren’t allowed (?) to wed in their own home states just yet. Even though marriage licenses are issued by town halls not church halls, some folks still object to civil marriage.

    To the marriage foes, please find somthing else to do with your time, because life’s too short. Find love. I did.

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