San Antonio Nutjobs: “Giving Benefits To Gay Partners Will Ruin Marriage”

The San Antonio city council is getting ready to vote on a bill that would extend health care and other benefits to domestic partners of city employees—a move that would shift away from current Texas state law, which opposes any extension of benefits to domestic partners.

According to station KENS 5 in San Antonio, the change would cost about $300,000 a year—or “less than 1/10th of 1% of the city’s budget”—but that’s not stopping right-wing protesters from trying to block the bill.

…A local group calling itself “Voices for Marriage” protested the proposed change on Monday outside city hall. The group, citing religious views and current state law, opposes any extension of benefits to domestic partnerships.

Pastor Gerald Ripley issued a “fact sheet” to those in attendance, listing 14 reasons why the group opposes the change. The document said, “We believe marriage is a legally binding relationship between one man and one woman” and “a vote for domestic partner benefits is a vote against upholding the institution of marriage”.

How long before these people start saying that just allowing gay people to walk around and breathe the same air is against traditional marriage?

To his credit, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro dismissed the group’s concerns as a “smokescreen for their dislike of gays and lesbians.”  He smartly couches it as a business decision: Adding domestic-partner benefits will make San Antonio more competitive in terms of landing gay-friendly corporations and top LGBT talent.

In other words, “It’s the economy stupid.”