San Diego Christian Church Apologizes for Prop. 8 Via Giant Billboard

Crack open a cold can of awesome and get a load of the Mission Gathering Church‘s billboard in San Diego, which reads:

“Mission Gathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who took away the rights and equality of so many in the name of God.”

The church was founded by a group of young adults who say they wanted “to embody God’s grace to the emerging/postmodern culture they were a part of.” It’s affiliated with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which has approximately 723,000 members throughout North America and is the denomination Ronald Reagan was baptized in. So, despite having a Facebook page and a podcast that includes titles like “Sexuality & Spirituality: Sex, Lies and Craigslist”, the apologetic Christians sit squarely within the mainline Protestant tradition.

San Diego has been arguably the epicenter of the Prop 8. protest movement, with over 25,000 people marching in the streets in last week’s “Day of Impact Protest”– the largest group anywhere.