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San Diego County Clerk Who Wants To Halt Marriages Shows Up At Press Conference Protesting Him

You have to hand it to Ernest J. Dronenburg. The San Diego County clerk, who filed a petition with the California State Supreme Court asking it to halt same-sex marriages, can’t keep himself out of the spotlight. Not content to let the lawsuit speak for itself, Dronenburg actually showed up at a press conference today held by LGBT activists condemning his actions. Dronenburg kept insisting that he didn’t mean to intrude on the marriage equality supporters because “this is their day,” although introducing himself to the media at their press conference is a funny way of showing it.

Dronenburg insists he just wants to make sure the law is clear. “I believe it’s cruel to set up [same-gender couples] for marriage and then take it away,” Dronenburg said. “That’s why I’m simply seeking clarification to the court’s rulings so we don’t have to do this again.” Of course,the courts have made it perfectly clear time and time again that marriage equality is the law. It’s a settled case, except in unsettled minds.

It’s worth noting that for all of Dronenburg’s protestations that he’s just trying to clear things up, he is represented by Charles LiMandri, who’s a bosom pal of NOM’s Maggie Gallagher. LiMandri is hardly interested in clearing things up. He wants to tear things down.

Speakers at the press conference drove home the point that the battle is done. “Prop 8 is over. The anti-gay Religious Right community has lost. Let’s work together and move on,” Missiongathering Church pastor Richard McCullen said. At the end of the day, the state Supreme Court chimed in as well, voting 6-0 to deny Dronenburg’s request. But the religious right can’t admit it’s lost. They will keep grasping at any straw they can find, even if that straw is Ernest J. Dronenburg.

Photo credit: County of San Diego

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  • ZeeZee

    You can’t fix stupid. Period.

  • JT Hawkins

    The telling statistic is that 70% of people under 30, who consider themselves to be Republicans, favor marriage equality. We just need to wait until the fossils have died out.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Last gasps of a dying NOMster. Agonal breathing. Maggie will anesthetize herself from the pain at Chic-fil-A and men in cute little bow ties and round, fruity glasses will get schwing-butt when they realize that their message of hate won’t wash any longer. Princeton professor and Father of NOM, Robert P. George, will move on and stay quiet, doing his bigotry behind the scenes with pals such as John Weeping Latent Boehner and Scalia. Maggie will carbo-load and write more hateful crap for those who have yet to evolve or accept that we were born this way. Brian Brown will worry about how he will feed his disgusting brood of children, the fruit of his ever-widening loins, the product of sanctified coitus, (organ sting and harps) while counting the bucks upon which he rolls in between fits of laughter and utter despair. Futility and defeat are cruel companions. Agonal breathing and translucent orbs, staring into the abyss, will distort NOMskull faces, twisted by the deathbed realization, that they spent their existence stirring up hatred against their gay brothers and sisters, perpetuating negative energy, and engendering disharmony. For what? Money, power, name recognition, the usual suspects. Any, imagined, Holy impetus left years ago, when rallies excited the senses and the smell of blood enticed them. Losers will rally for one last hurrah, before caving in on themselves, pointing fingers in a circle of exhausted vanity. What things did you buy with the money? Was it worth it? How many did you drag down to your pathetic level? Was it satisfactory? Deathbed thoughts have a way of clearing out the clutter, layers of clutter, intricately constructed around our principles and pain. Agonal breathing carries another minute to ponder the harm done. One’s life’s work is examined as flesh recedes and the spirit, once hidden in molecules and pretense, emerges. Regrets? Shame? Defiance? Words will not suffice, as only the feelings will bear any significance. Love will be gold, on a deathbed.

  • dwndckd


  • Spike

    Leave it to a white male christian republican from San Diego to interpret a Supreme Court decision according to his understanding of the law.

  • tardis

    Well, at least he’s polite.

  • Bear Aspirin

    Fame whore trying to parlay this “controversy” into 15 minutes on Fox News.

  • MickeyP.

    @1EqualityUSA: I was just gonna say that! lol! Seriously,very well said!

  • MK Ultra

    You mean that actually let that thing out of his tomb long enough to lurch over there and harass the living?

  • hf2hvit

    He looks like a 1950’s perv…the best friend’s dad who is buttfucking every boybutt in the neighborhood…

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