Give It Up

San Diego County Clerk Who Wants To Halt Marriages Shows Up At Press Conference Protesting Him

You have to hand it to Ernest J. Dronenburg. The San Diego County clerk, who filed a petition with the California State Supreme Court asking it to halt same-sex marriages, can’t keep himself out of the spotlight. Not content to let the lawsuit speak for itself, Dronenburg actually showed up at a press conference today held by LGBT activists condemning his actions. Dronenburg kept insisting that he didn’t mean to intrude on the marriage equality supporters because “this is their day,” although introducing himself to the media at their press conference is a funny way of showing it.

Dronenburg insists he just wants to make sure the law is clear. “I believe it’s cruel to set up [same-gender couples] for marriage and then take it away,” Dronenburg said. “That’s why I’m simply seeking clarification to the court’s rulings so we don’t have to do this again.” Of course,the courts have made it perfectly clear time and time again that marriage equality is the law. It’s a settled case, except in unsettled minds.

It’s worth noting that for all of Dronenburg’s protestations that he’s just trying to clear things up, he is represented by Charles LiMandri, who’s a bosom pal of NOM’s Maggie Gallagher. LiMandri is hardly interested in clearing things up. He wants to tear things down.

Speakers at the press conference drove home the point that the battle is done. “Prop 8 is over. The anti-gay Religious Right community has lost. Let’s work together and move on,” Missiongathering Church pastor Richard McCullen said. At the end of the day, the state Supreme Court chimed in as well, voting 6-0 to deny Dronenburg’s request. But the religious right can’t admit it’s lost. They will keep grasping at any straw they can find, even if that straw is Ernest J. Dronenburg.

Photo credit: County of San Diego