San Diego In Line To Be First City In The U.S. To Have “Harvey Milk Street”

Though he’s most closely identified with San Francisco, slain gay-rights leader Harvey Milk might get his first street named after him in San Diego, where he was stationed while serving in the U.S. Navy.

Today, the San Diego City Planning Commission approved a proposal to rename Blaine Avenue, the street leading up to The San Diego LGBT Community Center, after Milk, who was assassinated by Dan White in 1978.

San Diego LGBT Pride, the group putting forth the proposal, hopes to get the street renamed in time for the anniversary of Milk’s birthday, on May 22.

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  • Nicki

    Harvey Milk was a chickenhawk and was into underage guys which is sick.

  • Samuel

    @Nicki: Hey Nicki: I don’t remember that in all of the pro Harvey Milk hoopla over tha past several years….. where are you getting this informaiton from as I would like to research this? Not pointing fingers and saying anyone is right or wrong, but I would like to know if my opinion of the man isnt’ wrong.

  • Alexi3

    nicki – really? How do you happen to know so much about the private life of this man? A man I might add who did a great deal for not just the Gay Movement and Community but for all sorts of people who needed help. I was living in San Francisco at the time of the assassination of Milk and Moscone and while I can agree and attest to the fact that his lover was younger, quite a bit younger, I never heard or saw anything about “underage guy”

  • Drew

    Nicki is correct it’s well known that Milk was a chickenhawk and into underage guys. It’s even in the bio about him by Randy Shilts and in the documentary “The life and times of Harvey Milk”. It was conveniently edited out of the total joke of a movie Milk.

  • Hephaestion

    I have seen “The Times of Harvey Milk” MANY times and there is nothing in it about Milk liking underage guys. I do not believe he was a “chickenhawk.”

    That said, can you even IMAGINE how many major streets and cities in America are named after straight men who were into underage girls, straight men who abused their wives andd children, and white men who owned slaves?

  • Andrew

    I’ve read the book the Mayor of Castro street by Shilts and yes it’s well known and verified that Harvey Milk was into underage guys and a chickenhawk which is sick and disgusting.

  • Tackle

    Sorry for those who are pro Harvey Milk. But I believe @Nickie: is correct. This is well known. There is a need to rewrite history for certain figures (Matthew Shepard) and make them saintly. Which they were not. None of are…

  • Feinstein


  • Larkin

    Got Milk?

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