San Diego State University’s LGBT Studies Major Involves Actual Studying

Starting 2012 San Diego State University will offer an undergrad major in LGBT studies. But don’t think it’ll be easy just because you’re all faggy and read this blog. Looking at the current requirements for an LGBT minor, babies is gonna have to werque.

Here’s just a few of the classes students will have to take (and our thoughts on each):

GEN S 340. Confronting AIDS – Examines the AIDS epidemic from historical, epidemiological, biological, medical, psychological, political, legal, and ethical perspectives. (And no, having AIDS or an HIV-positive friend does not count as extra credit).

JMS 410. Media and Sexuality – Sexuality and sex-related issues in mass mediated news, entertainment, and advertising content. Sexuality in media and its effects on interpersonal relations, sexual identity, sexual politics, social discourse, and public policy. Portrayals of conventional sexuality and of sexual minorities. (Students will be quizzed on the importance of BUTT magazine to Brooklyn otters and the socio-political semiotics of clips from Juicy Pink Box).

WMNST 535. Lesbian Lives and Cultures – Historical, cultural, and social exploration of lesbianism. Topics include myths and stereotypes, history and literature, social and political movements, theoretical explanations, and current conditions. (Does “lesbian myths” mean the misconception that “lesbians want to be men” or are they talking about the Inuit goddess Sedna who lives with her female partner at the bottom of the ocean?)

Being a good lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender person has never been more academically demanding. Can we do a study abroad to the isle of Lesbos?

Image via English 106