San Francisco GLBT Museum Attacked By Vandals

The GLBT Museum in San Francisco fell prey to vandals early Monday morning, when two broken plate-glass windows were discovered at the Castro District institution. The museum, founded in 1985, is the only full-time, standalone cultural center devoted to queer history in the U.S.

“When the alarm sounded at 4:50 this morning, the security firm immediately summoned the San Francisco Police Department and notified our staff, who were on the scene very quickly,” says museum director Paul Boneberg.

None of the artifacts or displays were damaged, though it’s unclear if anti-gay animus or Halloween hijinks are to blame—or if the incident had any connection to October being LGBT History Month.

The museum was closed on Monday for repairs but is now open for its regular hours.

The cost of fixing the windows is still undetermined but it’s expected to be at least several thousand dollars. Donations are being accepted on the museum website. “We’re grateful for the outpouring of support we are already receiving from people in San Francisco and around the world,” said Boneberg. “That support speaks to the important role the museum plays in advancing understanding of GLBT history and culture.”