San Francisco Marks 30th AIDS Anniversary With Ginormous Ribbon

THE SHOT – 100 San Francisco AIDS Foundation volunteers used 15,000 square feet of plastic tarp and 400 stakes to create a huge-assed red AIDS ribbon in remembrance of the thirty year epidemic. One can see the ribbon on the Twin Peaks clear from the East Bay. It will remain up for a month. Next they will build a gigantic San Franciscan who will wear the ribbon and a gigantic Pomeranian and their house pet.

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  • jason

    There has never been a 30 year epidemic. Firstly, it isn’t an epidemic. Epidemics are random. AIDS is not random. AIDS is your body telling you that you have mistreated it badly. AIDS is the sum of how you have treated your body over the years in terms of subjecting it to various venereal diseases, poor diets, amyl sniffing and general drug abuse.

    Your immune system is your body talking back to you. Treat it kindly, don’t abuse it.

  • TMikel

    As someone who has lived with HIV since 1984, this moves me greatly. We have become to complacent about HIV and AIDS. Anything that reminds us is good. By the way, of all the many friends I had when the epidemic began, I alone am still alive.

  • QJ201

    @jason: Break open a Public Health textbook and look up the definition of epidemic. And AIDS is the result of an infection.

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