Stoned on Memorial Day

San Francisco Pot Brownies Help Commemorate Fallen Soliders


Memorial Day is when we honor fallen soldiers through the ancient art of barbeque. And in beautiful Dolores Park, in the heart of Golden Gate City, the gays commemorated their butts off.

On the southwest corner of the park (by 20th and Church) the homo hippie hipsters congregated on what is fondly referred to as the Fruit Shelf – it’s also one of the best views in all of San Francisco. By 2pm, the sun was out, a few potentially-illegal barbeques were blazing, kites were flying, and hippies were selling magical brownies out of brown paper bags. (Be forewarned, they are very potent.)

Not that it mattered, but there was perhaps little knowledge of the fact that the gay population in San Francisco today owes their community, in many ways, to LGBT queer armed service members of the past. A touch of history: At the end of World War II, many homosexuals were discharged from the armed forces. Too shamed to go home, many chose to stay in the port city where they were dropped off and San Francisco, consequently, got a bit queerer.

Gays at War, Mother Jones Magazine, 1983

Around the country, it seems lounging and barbequing is the way to go. Perhaps you packed up for a long weekend and at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, or cruised with the boys at Fire Island Pines, or took your honey snorkeling in Key Largo.

Try to forget that now you’re chained back to your desk, reading Queerty, and wishing you had another bite of that Memorial Day hot dog.