Sandra Bernhard And A Who’s Who Of NYC Nightlife Come Out To Support HIV Equal

unnamed-1The HIV Equal (HIV=) campaign focuses on opening up the conversation among gay men about HIV, encourages consistent and frequent confidential testing, and tries to combat the stigma that infection carries. The message behind it is that everyone is equally valuable regardless of his or her status.

And now eight months after its inception by World Health Clinicians, the testing and photo campaign is poised to make a splash in New York this coming Saturday, May 31 from 4-9pm at BarTini Ultra Lounge.

“Our goal is to reignite the national conversation about HIV and HIV testing and get the New York community on-board with frequent testing,” says Chief Medical Officer of World Health Clinicians, Dr. Gary Blick. “With all of the recent medical advances such as the CDC’s endorsement of PrEP and the groundbreaking results of the PARTNER study, we have an arsenal of new tools that can change the transmission rates of HIV which have remained unchanged for decades. However the key to leveraging these scientific advances is getting everyone tested and linking positive individuals to proper care and treatment.”

The first wave of photos included celebrities such as Bianca Del Rio, Billy Porter, Greg Louganis, Todrick Hall, Peter Staley and many others.

So if you find yourself near Manhattan this weekend, here’s your opportunity to gather (for a good cause) with the likes of comedienne and actress Sandra Bernhard, event hostess and DJ Chi Chi La Rue, Adam Killian, Phi Phi O’Hara, Daniel Nardicio, Jiggly Caliente, Scott Nevins, Peppermint, King Ralphy, Miss Hell’s Kitchen 2014: Brenda Dharling, Viktor Luna, Cassanova and Scott Patric of Project Runway, Mickey Boardman, Seth Fornea, Jared LeBlanc, Jonathan Lovitz, Pearl, Eric Alan, Jackie Cox, Gregory Nalbone, Pusse Couture, Marti Gould Cummings and all of the fabulous people who have already been photographed for HIV Equal.

Whew. That was a mouthful, but with that crowd it’s sure to be a memorable evening. Only people who are participating in the campaign will be admitted, and part of participation is taking a confidential, rapid mouth-swab HIV test before the shoot. So get out and get tested, people!

And speaking of those photos, here’s a first look at the campaign’s kick-off. Expect to see more of these coming soon to a facebook feed near you.






HIV Equal will continue to push for greater visibility through its own social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter (@HIVequal) and Instagram.

For more information about World Health Clinicians, visit To learn more about HIV Equal, check out, or for the You Can Play Project, head to

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  • Mezaien

    What an idea! HIV+ remind me Christianity, once it is in you can`t get rid of it.

  • Geeker

    So your equal as long as your really hot or fabulous? This whole campaign seems very A Gay only.

  • KDub

    Like Kathy Griffin would say, “a veritable ‘who’s that?'” of NYC nightlife. Everyone also has a herpes status…a syph status…a staph status…and a *insert any virus/disease for which you either test + or -* status. Silly campaign.

  • Dugan

    Here we are again. People bashing something positive (no pun). Comparing other std’s to HIV is ridiculous! Not that they are any less important. But there isn’t the stigma and past behind them even remotely comparable to HIV. And that’s exactly what they are trying to do. Bring down stigmas and open people’s eyes. Obviously u guys don’t follow the campaign much because it’s not all “beautiful people with perfect bodies”… I applaud ur efforts guys.

  • Teeth

    In the 30 years that I’ve been aware of HIV, this is BY FAR the stupidest campaign ever. We are NOT HIV=. That’s why we need condoms. And Nick Gruber. And Mac’s pathetic defensive of him.

  • Geeker

    This was started by Jack Mackenroth who blocked me on twitter when I asked him why there were no more average looking people in the campaign.

  • Teeth

    @Geeker: Yes– he’s a douchbag. I finally got it when he wrote his angry defense of Nick Gruber last go around.

  • KDub

    Where are you guys seeing hot, fabulous, or beautiful? These people are all incredibly average or freakish-looking.

  • Cam

    I see that they have now tried to change the central message of this campaign because it failed the first time around.

    Remember when it first came out the message was that there is no difference at all and they publicised it by having that gay hating former paid Calvin Klein companion Nick Gruber posing for it. When it was questioned why somebody anti-gay would be in the campaign it’s founder basically attacked anybody for pointing that out and insinuated that anybody who didn’t support this campaign was a horrible person.

    The campaign flopped so they have tried to reinvent it. It is basically seeming to be a way to charge people to be in the campaign and make some cash for the guy who started it.

  • Dugan

    @Cam: I don’t recall them charging any of my friends pictures in it…

  • Cam


    Ahhhh, you’re right after looking at the website, which basically says …..not much, has a decent amount of places to donate and doesn’t really offer anything outside platitudes.

    I’m sorry but if somebody is going to donate to an AIDS cause why in the world would I put my money into the pockets of these people when it could actually go towards research, care for the afflicted, support for children with AIDS.

    When it comes to the AIDS crisis and where donations should go comparing a charity that is looking for a cure and one where the goal seems to be making Jack Mackenroth wealthy doesn’t seem like much of a comparison.

  • Teeth

    @Cam: Exactly. Want to deal with hunger? Feed someone. Want another bloated campaign? Follow the link provided.

  • bbg372

    I have said it before, and I will say it again: the messaging of this campaign is completely stupid. If we are all HIV= than why should anyone care to be tested?

  • YesIDid

    Is Bernhard still relevant? The only two people I recognized in the photo lineup was Cazwell and Amanda Lepore with those projectile fake boobs. I also agree that it’s a silly campaign.

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