PHOTO: Sandra Bernhard Officiated A Gay Wedding


Last Wednesday, actress-comedienne-Universal Life minister Sandra Bernhard officiated the wedding between Manhattan power gays, Georgi Dimitrov Balinov and Bradford Shane Shellhammer.

According to The New York Times, Balinov (right), 30, is a vice president for investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Shellhammer, 36, is a founder and the chief design officer of the social shopping site, The New York Times neglected to mention that Shellhammer was our very first editor here at Queerty, a newsworthy fact if we might say so ourselves.

Sandy B. led a nondenominational ceremony before relatives and friends at New York’s Russian Tea Room and later tweeted this photo of her blushing “brides.” Mazel tov-dammit.

Photo: Sandra Bernhard’s Instagram

UPDATE: In fact, we didn’t say so ourselves: an earlier version of this article didn’t mention that Bradford was a former editor here.