Sandra Bernhard’s Tips for Winning Equality: Stop Hairstyling, Decorating + Designing

Queer-obsessed television host Joy Behar cannot help herself whenever something gay pops up on her radar. Like Carrie Prejean! And Maine marriage! Luckily, she had a few folks on her television show who sort of know about these topics.

Like Fran Drescher, Aisha Tyler, and Sandra Bernhard, whose advice to score our civil rights does not include banning divorce, but pointing out just how much the Gs contribute to society. Namely, making bigots like Prejean look good.

(We are, however, a little tired of Tyler’s “he’s too busy” excuse. That argument is part of the problem.)

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  • Bobby

    As much as I have enjoyed Sandra B’s sarcasm and biting takes on pop culture (in 80s and 90s when she did concerts and late nite shows) — she is very much an old school 50-something lesbian with enough internalized shame to state she doesn’t really “care” about the issue of gay marriage.

    She says she has a domestic partnership in CA – but that means diddly on the federal level – so she could care.

    She is no great example for the new generation of gay and lesbian freedom fighters who want full equality and feel they are entitled to it.

    (Sandra B. is also extremely bitter about her career as heard on her last Howard Stern appearance when she said she turned down the Miranda part in Sex in the City years earlier because the pay was too low – and she wouldnt kiss Sarah Jessica Parker’s ass.)

  • Brad

    I think a Fran Drescher comeback is LONG OVERDUE.

  • FakeName

    Jesus Sandra, stop stealing other peoples’ material. The whole “boycott doing straight people’s weddings” shtick has been going around for years.

  • Herbo

    Sandra has very little to offer anymore – sad really.

    Her bitterness, anger at reality show “celebs” being more famous than her – and her clinging to her meshuggah Ka-blah blah bullshit is quite sad.

    I mean how long can you cling to the nostalgia of the one good film role (from 1983) that you ever had?

  • romeo

    And, yeah, we’re good at color coordination and accessorizing, but I also read that 4 of the 5 main guys actually responsible for making the atom bomb work in the Manhattan Project were either gay or bi. We should point crap like that out more often. We’re the BEST! Maybe that’s the real reason everybody rags on us. We’re the real master race. LOL

  • Cam

    The older gays that say things like “Civil Unions are fine” need to remember what happened when Elton John and his partner tried to adopt. The homophobic country used the excuse that they didn’t have a “Real Marriage” as reason to deny them the child. Even though in England the Civil Union is the same legally as a marriage, the SEparate but Equal nature of it STILL leaves us open to discrimination.

    Oh, and as for her joke about not fixing them up and doing their hair and flowers. The TV movie Wedding Wars did that several years ago so she may want to get fresher material.

  • haribo

    The jews own the banks, the blacks own music, and we own a pair of scissors….ok!!!

    just kidding!

  • Chisne

    Is it just me, but doesn’t Sandra share a strong resemblance to Leisha Hailey (Alice from “The L Word”)?

  • jason

    Sandra simply pointed out that we’ve become a camp scene, not a gay rights scene. Camp guys who takes poppers at night for their quick sex fix. Then they go back to cutting soccer moms’ hair and telling them how good they look.

  • BobP

    Is she still a bisexual? She has pissed me off for decades.
    It’s not an “age” thing, either. She’s just a pain in the ass, always bitching about something.

  • Cam

    No. 9 · jason said….
    Sandra simply pointed out that we’ve become a camp scene, not a gay rights scene. Camp guys who takes poppers at night for their quick sex fix. Then they go back to cutting soccer moms’ hair and telling them how good they look.

    Which would show how out of touch she is. Perhaps the only gay men she encourters in her world are the ones that cut her hair, but that would indicate that she needs to step outside the entertainment industry. All she needs to do to encounter thousands of gay men who are not florists, stylists or decorators would be to go into the Congressional offices on Captial Hill. So many gays, open and closeted, there that Maggie Gallacher would have a stroke if she knew.

  • jason

    Why are there only trivial celebrities on this The View show? Where are the real gays? And where are the men? Why no male guests? Enough with the celebrities.

  • alan brickman

    I think Joy really hates gays.

  • alan brickman

    I agree with her!! get out and vote!! she is always smart!!

  • alan brickman

    Fran rocks!!!

  • jason

    What do women know about the struggles of gay men? Nothing much as far as I’m concerned. Women never had it as bad as men. Male homosexuality was always outlawed more than female homosexuality. I get more than a little annoyed when women claim to have empathy with gay men.

  • Scientist

    @romeo Do you have any sources about queer men working on the Manhattan project or other famous queer scientists other than Turing?

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Sandra smokes copious amounts of pot and is so paranoid, Aisha is a walking petri-dish of diseases and Joy is, well, funny one-tenth of the time. I have nothing against Fran Drescher and even wish her voice would be used more to irritate the irritable! There, Gays dish Better!

  • Joey

    @jason: I get more than a little annoyed when people can’t understand how misogyny and homophobia are related.

  • Quake

    I get quite amused how these women try to sympathize with gay men like they know exactly how we live. Claiming that the DL lifestyle is only in ATL is a generalization and its just dumb, ignorant, and looks like something a heterosexual women would say. All these ladies see is depictions on their favorite media outlet, and they begin to assume every DL man is spreading infections and are dangerous to the society. Some DL men have never even engaged in sexual contact with the same sex.

    Male sexuality is stigmatized horribly for some reason. But women have a right to flaunt their sexuality any way they please.

  • Charles Merrill

    Swish and fetch it.
    We are the ‘second banana’ in their comedy act.

  • TP

    I was talking to someone about Joy’s advocacy, and how she seems hetronormative, not an effective ally and the response I got was telling…Crickets. I agree with the other posters, hetero women can take a hike. I’m Just. Not. Interested.

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