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Sandra Bullock has seen Channing Tatum in his full birthday suit and she’s got a LOT to say about it


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Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock has opened up about filming a harrowing scene for her new film The Lost City.

The Gravity star, 57, stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week to promote the film. During the interview, she discussed one scene in particular that challenged her concentration. It involved her staring at co-star Channing Tatum’s, ahem, talent.

“He’s stupid naked in this film, stupid,” Bullock said.

The scene in question features Bullock pulling leeches off Tatum who, ever the method actor, actually went full-on naked when they filmed it.

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“I had to spend a lot of time down there,” Bullock explained. “I had a lot to say to it. As one does. When you’re down there, you may as well just get to know it.”

Bullock went on to explain that, despite the length of the scene, she didn’t study the length of Tatum’s endowment.

“When you’re down there, and you have two pages of dialogue, if you are looking directly at it, you will get nothing done,” she said. “So I looked at his left thigh, the crease… I focused more on the left inner thigh.”

Of course, for Tatum, showing off his body is nothing new. The actor also starred in the Magic Mike film series in which he portrayed a stripper. Those films also required him to wear very little, much to the delight of audiences.


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