Sandy Killer Had A Rest After Attack

We literally said “gross” out loud after reading this story. It seems that 20-year old Ilya Shurov (aka Alex), one of the four boys involved in the attack that led to Michael Sandy‘s untimely death, took a nap after beating Sandy and chasing him into the street. The New York Post reports:

“Me and Anthony got to the house first,” John Fox, 19, allegedly told detectives in a written statement last Oct. 10, two days after the robbery, referring to co-defendant Anthony Fortunato.

“Than [sic] Alex came in after. We layed [sic] on the bed – couch and fell asleep. He said he thought he killed someone before he fell asleep.”

Pretty fucking twisted, right? And, can we also mention how the men – who have claimed not to be gay – were sleeping together. Just a note.