Sandy Killers Indicted on Hate Crimes

We hate to revel in the downfall of others, but we can’t lie and say we weren’t pleased to hear that three of the men involved in last month’s attack on Michael Sandy have been indicted on hate crime charges.

The Associated Press reports:

Anthony Fortunato, 20, was indicted Wednesday after the indictments last week of John Fox, 19, and Ilya Shurov, 20. They were charged with numerous counts including second-degree murder as a hate crime and first-degree attempted robbery as a hate crime, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said.

If convicted, they each could serve 25 years to life in prison.

You may recall that Sandy had been lured to what he thought was a hook-up, but that the men ended up attacking him. To escape, Sandy ran into the street, where he was hit by a car. Despite his injuries, the men dragged him out of the road to continue with their hateful pummeling.

While we certainly hope justice is served piping hot, we’d be more pleased if coppers could find the driver of the car that hit Sandy and sped off into the night…