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Santa Ana Police Respond to Noose Disaster: Go File A Complaint

How is the Santa Ana Police Department in California reacting to charges of indifference after volunteers at Equality California’s office found a noose hanging on the door? With similar indifference.

After finding the noose today while opening up EQCA’s office doors, staffers called the police in to report the hate marker. Except when officers arrived on the scene, they told volunteer Mel Distel that “Sometimes you just have to live with being a victim.” Asked for comment, Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna says if EQCA really feels there’s an issue, then “should come in and we can remedy the problem through our Internal Affairs process.”. Way to take charge, bud! (EQCA says it will file a complaint.)

So remember, Santa Ana community: Next time you awake to burning crosses on your lawn, or “faggot” spray painted on your garage, remember that sometimes you just have to deal.

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  • Mark

    And how would they have responded if it had been hung on the door of a synagogue, or perhaps a church of any denomination? How about on a school? Hate is hate chief. Deal with it!

  • T

    I am not legal expert but it certainly seems this may fall under federal hate crimes act and the Matthew Shepard Shepard Hate Crimes act. The culprit may not be known but it is a serious gesture that deserves investigation. At the very least increased patrols in that area.

  • the crustybastard

    Santa Ana Police Department Mission Statement

    Our Vision:
    A Community-Oriented Department committed to:
    High Quality Services
    Innovative Leadership
    Problem Prevention
    Through highly trained and professional employees in modern facilities using the latest technology.

    Our Purpose:
    To ensure the safety and security of all people in our city by providing responsive and professional police services with compassion and concern. Our mission is accomplished within the moral and legal standards of our community, through a problem-solving partnership with the community and members of the department.

    Our Values

    Integrity: We value adherence to the rule of law, to the constitution of California and of the United States, and to utmost honesty.

    Safety and Security: We value working to create and maintain a safe, secure and enjoyable working and living environment for community members, for visitors, and for ourselves.

    Community Participation: We value working with Santa Ana’s diverse communities to ensure the safety and security of our neighborhoods.

    Service: We value providing equally to all people fair, courteous, responsive, and efficient service which observes each individual’s dignity and worth.

    Organizational Growth: We value the creation of an environment which focuses on solving problems through teamwork, participation, cooperation, and enthusiasm fostered by decisive, professional leaders who support creativity and innovation.

  • tommyoc

    SAPD’s suggestion that the complaint be filed with Internal Affairs is standard operating procedure for whenever a member of the public alleges an act of misconduct committed by a police officer.

    SAPD’s reaction is not indifference, as queerty would like you to believe, but an instruction on the first step toward reaching resolution on the officer’s conduct.

    After that first step, SAPD will assuredly re-evaluate whether a crime has been committed in the process of determining if their officer reacted inappropriately.

  • Brian Miller

    Stories like this point out the folly of Gay Inc. fantasies of “government protections.”

    Just like the police say “deal with it” in this circumstance, they’ll do the same with “hate crimes laws” or ENDA or what have you.

    Government is not there to serve you. In the eyes of government, you are there to serve them — to pay eye-popping taxes in the State of California to keep police in clover with six-figure salaries and lavish pensions while you pull nooses off your front door.

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