Sara Gilbert Created The Talk Because She Wasn’t Already Too Busy Juggling Career + Family

Yesterday CBS at last debuted The Talk, the network’s answer to ABC’s The View but supposedly with more of a focus on parenting, because they need “an angle.” But how did the show that purposefully forgot its creator is gay wind up on television? Roseanne lez Sara Gilbert explains: she was in the bathtub.

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  • Viral

    Sarah herself said she didn’t want to “remind” people she was a lesbian in the press release because it felt impersonal, so what’s the big deal.

    Any outlet that doesn’t involve the stupidity of an unscripted Sherri Shepard or Elizabeth Haselbitch is a welcome one. Plus this group of ladies are younger, hipper and a bit more in touch with a wider demographic (although as much as I love Leah, hope her Scientology roots doesn’t rear it’s insane head)

  • Rocket

    Sara seems like a genuinely thoughtful and down-to-earth person. A welcome change on television considering all of the idiotic reality programs which dominate.

    I don’t know how many important yet taboo subjects were tackled with intelligence and humor by Sara (as Darlene) on the Roseanne show. Subjects like homophobia, racism and abortion. And this in the 80s and 90s. I wish there were more shows like it today.

    Good luck to her, I hope it’s a success.

  • seanboy

    How did she came up with the idea? She watched THE VIEW that’s how. This show has a “mother” angle? Tell me how many of these women actually raise their kids. Women at home can’t relate to these rich actresses who have nannies raising their kids.

    At least when THE VIEW started all the women weren’t actors.

  • Jon B

    She looks great.

  • Jeffree

    Sara & co. saw a ripe opportunity to put “The View” out of business, I’d bet. The Talk’s demographic will probably be younger–other than Lissie Hasselbeck, all the View ladies are 50+.

    In the handful of interviews I’ve read w/ Sara, she seems smart, funny & down to earth.
    I hope thjs show does well!
    (my Mom saw it and liked it, BTW!)

  • Hyhybt

    How would they put The View out of business? There’s nothing stopping people from watching both, unless I’ve missed a schedule change. So long as people would rather watch a train wreck than a Showcase Showdown, The View will live.

  • Ash

    I normally don’t watch daytime shows, except for the occasional episode of Ellen or Tyra when they have an interesting guest or topic. BUT I did give this show a shot and I was pleasantly surprised!

    It was really good for a talk show. Especially for a first episode. The conversations moved along nicely and the discussions were interesting.

    I actually think they made a really good choice in hiring Leah Remini (Carrie from King of Queens); She’s got a lot of personality and some strong opinions. She was funny too!

    Sara was the quiet one but she did put her opinion out there. The other ladies were good too!

  • Marcus M.

    I watched today’s episode. Sara seems afraid to get involved. Leah is brash (and hilariously so) but she didn’t seem present which was disappointing.

  • Ash

    @Marcus M.: I kinda see what you’re saying about Sara, but I also think the others get carried away and talk over her a lot. Especially in today’s episode, a couple times she tried to say something and she got interrupted and one time they just completely ignored her. I know they don’t really mean to but they should be a little more respectful towards her because, if nothing else, she’s the reason they have a job.

  • chimmy

    I have loved Sara Gilbert for awhile. I loved to watch the show “Roseanne”, mostly because of her. She played the “outcast Darlene” perfectly. Although I wasn’t alternative, emo, or a progressive kid in school, I loved her part. I’ll have to catch the show today if it is on.

  • Marcus M.

    Sara was a lot more comfortable today and seemed to be less afraid to get involved. They also did a lengthy segment on Spirit Day and purple clothing and Sara even mentioned that it was an issue that was very close to her heart.

  • Ash

    @Marcus M.: I saw todays episode and it made me very proud! Sara seemed to genuinely speak from the heart.

  • Yve

    This show is honestly a waste of time but compared to what television has to offer its okay. I wish we had more real acting shows on. I think the women on this show “talk” too much and sometimes they don’t make sense. You can also tell that they are trying to appeal to a hip crowd whatever that is. I miss real acting. The “View” was actually enough. Yes, these women are older but at least they had something wise to say.

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