Sarah Ferguson signs a 22-book deal and no, that’s not a typo

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (Photo: Shutterstock)

It looks like Sarah Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew, may have finally found a successful career niche: Co-authoring books with established writers.

News has emerged that the Duchess of York, 62, has signed a 22-book deal with Australian publishers Serenity Press.

Yes, you read that correctly: 22 books.

The deal comes after Ferguson enjoyed success with her first romantic novel, published last year, entitled Her Heart For A Compass. It was written with author Marguerite Kaye for the iconic Mills & Boon publishing house in the UK. It sold enough to land on the country’s top ten hardbacks list when published.

Before this, Ferguson tried her hand at writing children’s books and a memoir.

Of the new deal, at least three of the books will be aimed at the Young Adult market. The first, entitled Demon’s Land, will be out at the end of June, co-written with Michelle Worthington.

Ferguson said she was looking forward to drawing upon her own teenage years for inspiration.

“Young adults are perhaps the fastest-growing category of new fiction today,” she said in a statement. “There’s just something about adolescence – with all of its incredible triumphs and heartbreaking failures – that makes it the perfect backdrop for powerful storytelling.

“I wanted to share my story of growing up with anxiety and an eating disorder, along with witnessing firsthand the effects of generational trauma. For me, it is always present, and it all started at the loss of my mother.”

Ferguson’s mother, Susan Barrantes, died in 1998 at age 61.

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How Fergie fares in the competitive world of YA fiction, which often promotes a diverse range of characters and LGBTQ issues, remains to be seen.

She says her charity work brings her into contact with a lot of young people, adding, “They are a capable and compassionate generation and their help as consultants on this book to make sure we captured the essence of what it’s like to be a teenager today was instrumental in the writing of the book.”

Ferguson is mom to Princess Beatrice, 33, and Princess Eugenie, 32. She divorced Prince Andrew in the 1990s but the two remain very close and still share a home together. She has steadfastly stood by his side during his recent legal woes in the US over historical sexual assault claims.

In recent years, Ferguson has turned her hand to several business ventures, but most have failed. Earlier this year it emerged a lifestyle brand she founded, Ginger & Moss, selling tea bags and biscuits, was £262,000 ($355,000) in debt.

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In a statement, co-author Michelle Worthington said she enjoyed her brainstorming sessions with Ferguson.

“She went out of her way to articulate and clarify exactly what messages she wanted to share in the series based on her personal experiences and took the time to listen to mine. Her personalized approach challenged me to improve the manuscript and become the best support I could be to her vision. This series is a testament to her courage.”

Online, many were surprised by news of Ferguson’s book deal.

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