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Sarah Palin Bravely Dedicates Only Part Of Her Safeway Shooting Response to Critics

Move over, “refudiate.” Sarah Palin has a new buzzword she’s going to force all Americans to learn, and it is “blood libel.” As in, all the blood libel her critics are spreading around for that super fun coloring sheet her website distributed where children were invited to fill in the gun crosshairs over evil congressional districts. (Okay fine, the term isn’t new and actually has Medieval roots, referring to the myth that Jews needed the blood of Christian babies for rituals. But I don’t think even Palin knows this.) “Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own,” says Palin. “They begin and end with the criminals who commit them. Especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.” Like I said before, Sarah is the real victim!! Just look at all these death threats:

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  • Spike

    Damn, this pretty much disqualifies her for running for President. Or will it be the first candidate for President who conducts their entire campaign hiding behind their Facebook Page, Tweets, and YouTube? Oh yea, and a reality TV show.

    Gotta love the American flag in the background. So contrived.

  • JR

    Of all the unmitigated gall !!! Sara Palin, the victim??!! It was her website that had the rifle “cross hairs” on people and congressional districts that she was after, because they did not agree with what she sttod for, believed in, or voted for. Granted she did not pull the trigger, bue she IS responsible for the content of her websites, the verbage she uses in speeches (“don’t retreat …reload!!) and has been known to incite violence with her rehtoric.

  • Devon

    “Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own,” unless you’re a Muslim, in which case you pretty much helped fly those planes into the world trade center. Right Sarah? Maybe she should talk to Imam Rauf about how to deal with being unfairly blamed for a tragedy you weren’t involved in…

  • Bookworm

    What does everyone else think about gun laws in the states? I myself am a big liberal and really wish there was a way to outlaw guns completely, but of course I realize this isn’t entirely reasonable. Of course guns are essential in case the gov’t ever goes a little cray-cray, but there definitely needs to be some stricter regulation of the manufacture and sale (i.e. renewing the Assault Weapons Ban).

    This is an informative opinion piece in the NYT:

  • Fitz

    @Bookworm: …from my cold dead fingers…
    Keeping my stick. Forever. And I mean that.
    A fag who can’t defend himself is an idiot.

  • dvlaries

    Dear Ms. Palin,

    Have you considered that the key to feeling less victimhood might be to embrace greater anonymity…?

    Try it, dearie.

  • josh

    Sarah just can’t stop using violent imagery.

    Blood libel refers to an anti-semitic myth that Jews sacrifice Christian children.

    It is a metaphor in very poor taste considering Gabby Giffords is Jewish.

    Devon brings up an excellent point. Palin extended some blame on all Muslims for 9-11, at least implicitly, by being against the so-called “ground zero” Mosque.

    Yet, she doesn’t take any responsibility for putting a gun cross hair on Gabby and telling her followers to reload. Gabby herself spoke out against that ad!

  • justiceontherocks

    “Blood libel” is hardly an invention of hers. It is a malicious pejorative term typically used to refer to Jews allegedly killing their children to use the blood in rituals. It’s the most inflammatory part of this pathetic “call to arms” video.

    The quitter governor will continue to pander to the right wing nuts and she’ll continue to make money off them. But as a national political figure, she is done. And the mainstream republicans are very happy about it.

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    @JR: “Granted she did not pull the trigger, bue she IS responsible for the content of her websites, the verbage she uses in speeches (“don’t retreat …reload!!) and has been known to incite violence with her rehtoric.”

    I agree with you 100% in principle, but in reality I do not think this woman is the one writing ANYTHING (Twitter, Facebook, her series……..) It takes brains to form words that have substance. This chick is doing nothing but holding out her hand demanding a check with a set amount of zero’s behind the prime number her money-manager (and wife-beating/cheating husband) demand for her face and mouth.

    Picture in your mind a ventriloquist and his dummy and there you will have Sarah. I curse John McCain’s desperate attempt to say he did something with his life (his presidential campaign and HIS belief that he could be elected president) every time I see her get another useless platform to show the world America is too stupid to unify and stop being led by people making millions of dollars off of the ignorant.

    What next, a gay off-shoot of the Nazi party featuring Ernst Rhome as it’s leader, or Fhurer? Or has that idea already been tried and fizzled because of lack of interest. Freedom of Speech is being pimped by hate mongers who are making millions as long as their flock remain ignorant and unemployed.

  • jack e jett

    Something tells me that this chick how chowed down on some poon before.

  • ronsfo

    There is resentment, anger and defeat in her voice, she looks depressed. If she had just compromised a little and affirmed that just maybe her negative rhetoric has contributed to the polarization in this country, then there might be some hope for her. I think she realizes the she has committed political suicide. She has no humility and stands behind her denial, — I’m perfect and did no wrong — then blames the media. She just doesn’t get it. Her speech was mostly boilerplate clips, predictable, nothing from the heart. She is just a snarky bitch that wants to be president.

  • Jeffree

    Poor Sarah: someone else took the spotlight away from her and she wants it baaaaaack!

    Hiding behind “social media” means that she never has to answer hard questions or come off as unprepared and ill-informed. She doesn’t have to face her critics; she just has to string together a few buzzwords and VOILA she has an opinion.

  • Xtian99

    dear stupid dumb @$$es at dumb as website QUEERTY- please figure out how not to find away for me to watch this video without hearing the dishwahing detergent ad!!! that runs as soon as you open the window… oh wait, I can just go to another website that doesn’t throw its whore-dom in my face by allowing advteriser’s ads to run over/during/in conflict with the actual content!

  • ewe

    why people elevate this idiot and her valley girl mentality is beyond me. She knows how to fucking read a script in front of her. So what. The evil she emits is being channeled from more sinister sources.

  • dsinla

    Does Sister Sarah (Palin) know what BLOOD LIBEL means?

    Blood Libel – The blood libel is a false accusation that Jews sacrifice Christian children either to use the blood for various “medicinal” purposes or to prepare Passover Matzoth (unleavened bread) or for vengeance and mock crucifixions. It is one of the central fables of Anti-Semitism of the older (middle ages) type.


  • Sarah

    @jack e jett: No way! This woman *hates* other women. She’d never deign to go down. I’d bet she even considers her own parts icky.

  • Justice

    I’m glad Palin is burying herself with her latest gaff.

    Regarding “the right to bear arms”…

    Does anyone truly think that if the government went “cray-cray” and attacked its citizens, that people would stand a chance with their concealed handguns or whatnot? Just to remind you folks, the government controls weapons-of-mass-destruction, including biological and chemical agents, and can make your puny lives pretty miserable just by shutting off the utilities. Times are a lot different than when the founding fathers took up arms against the British. Your little sidearm is pretty worthless, except against the rare late-night break-and-enter maybe (if you’re awake enough to even defend yourself properly).

    I urge people to reconsider the usefulness of the Second Amendment, and consider asking lawmakers to limit the sale of firearms to rifles for hunting (with valid hunting permits), and that’s about it. At the same time, drastically improve efforts to get weapons out of the hands of criminals. I assure you that gun violence would decrease so dramatically it would make your head spin. Prime examples: any of the several countries that currently have gun laws.

    Society has always reserved the right to restrict freedom for the greater good.

  • reason

    This is even more evidence of why Palin is not and has never been ready for prime time. She is a clueless individual with a megaphone and a large mob following, those are the ingredients for explosively dangerous situations. She clams to be mother Christian but knows very little about the faith and history, similarly to how she knows very little about anything. Clyburn hit the nail on the head when he said earlier today that (Palin) “Intellectually she seems not to understand what is going on here.” The media needs to stop covering this lady before she does anymore damage to this country. The thing that we have learned is that Palin may not be responsible for any of this, she is exhibiting signs of a mentally insane individual and may actually not know what is going on. This whole conundrum with Palin and Loughner may be a stinging example of the failure of our mental health apparatus in this country.

  • Kevin Farrell

    Whether Palin used the words out of ignorance or under full knowledge of their definition is besides the point. She used anti-Semitic language to defend charges of her accountability in the shooting of a Jewish Congresswoman. Either way you slice it, it’s still deeply offensive and troubling.

  • Jon

    While I loathe Sarah Palin, you cannot blame her for what some whack job did. Even if he went on Sarah’s site and was one of her followers she can’t be blamed for some mental defective taking what she said the wrong way. If this guy took something she said to mean he should go out and kill people then anything could have set him off.

  • Pip

    Sarah Palin: Quick to throw words like “evil” around, slow to approach problems with critical thinking. She sure thinks she’s important. Her hair cuts looking a little butch in this video.

  • GayFilmmaker

    Even if Sarah Palin did not pull the trigger that shot Gabrielle Giffords and killed others, she created an environment of hate, she encouraged her followers to arm themselves, and she told them where to shoot. She directly or at least indirectly endorsed political assassination. Why shouldn’t we hold her responsible?

    And think about it – Do we hold the hijackers on the planes that flew into the World Trade Center responsible for 9/11? Or do we blame the person who told them what to do and how to do it?

    You don’t have to personally pull a trigger or explode a bomb to be considered a terrorist.

  • Rossi

    Now guys and gals, “Reprehensible” is…. a …. real … big … word for her, cut her some slack. :-)

  • UWSguy

    What some fame whore won’t stoop to in order to get more $$$$$

  • Gregger

    Famewhore, plain and SIMPLE as in stupid.

  • whatever

    I think this was supposed to be Sarah’s way of undercutting Obama before his speech in AZ. Can you say FAIL?

  • GregorVonK

    Very poor performance? At least Reagan could read his lines.

  • ait10101

    What is ironic is that Gabrielle Giffords has a similar Glock, but it didn’t help her. I blame both of them for not supporting stronger gun control laws. I definitely prefer Gabrielle Giffords, though. And it was a shame that she was shot. Palin is just a mega-jerk. I wouldn’t wish her shot, though. To portray herself as a victim in this case is just ludicrous. I agree with comments about the “blood libel” phrase.

  • Daez

    I hate to be the one to break this to you guys, but this is actually going to garner more support from her base. She is playing this very well. Her only real option was to play the victim card. She isn’t as stupid as some of yall think. You are looking at a presidential candidate for 2012 if not our future president, so get used to it.

  • hf2hvit

    Who would Jesus put in the crosshairs, Sarah?

  • hf2hvit


  • ewe

    @Daez: Ha. That’s a joke. She quit being governor. That was her exit out of politics. She proved that to everyone. She is not capable of finishing anything. She’s a quitter. “Quitter” is just as powerful a slogan and image as “flip flopper” was.

  • Hammar

    Queers and fags of the world, be proud. This is a great example of wilding of a woman, it can’t be outdone.

  • andrew

    From London,

    That woman makes the US the laughing stock of the planet.

  • James

    She’s an attention seeker. She thinks shes bigger than the president. I hope she goes away soon, she’s annoying.

  • Daez

    @Justice: What you fail to realize is that most gun crimes in the USA have happened in places where no one else had guns. One could argue that if someone had a gun in AZ on this day, the shooter might not have made it to 6 victims.

    You can’t keep bad people from getting guns. They will always get them. The vast majority of criminals already do not obtain guns through legal methods.

    As far as other countries that have gun laws. There are also many other variously different factors. One could argue that a capitalistic society hell bent on worshiping the acquisition of wealth at all costs creates an environment rife for dangerous crime.

  • Daez

    @ewe: Her base has already forgiven her for quitting governor. That was old news. They will also forgive her for this.

    Why should it matter how her base feels? Because, look around, her base is currently running this country as of the last elections, and the Democrats only strategy to prevent that is to yet again run the black man (not being racist, just pointing out that in around 30+ states in this country its hard to be elected dog catcher while black) that everyone (including most of his base at this point) hates.

  • Daez

    @James: She is bigger than the president. More people tune into see Sarah speak than to see the President speak. The only reason she isn’t Vice President is because Obama managed to garner a political turn out that has been unprecedented. Since he turned right around and used his win to dash the hopes and dreams of those people that he sold hope and change to, you will never see that turn out again. In a period of low turn out, you basically manage to hand the office to whatever Republican manages to run.

  • christopher di spirito

    This good news is, with this vile, anti-Semitic rant, the Idiot Palin will forever and always be associated with:

    1. violent, political imagery
    2. anti-Semitism

    She’s a fringe dweller and as far away from the mainstream of American politics as anyone from the KKK, the Aryan Nation or the Nazis.

  • Jeffree

    @Daez: Oops you grabbed the wrong pill.bottle again. The yellow ones don’t stop the voices in your head—those are for your sinuses. And no meds can help unravel a sentence like this one of yours:

    “most gun crimes in the USA have happened in places where no one else had guns”

    OK: no one else other than who? You? Sarah Palin? Whaaaat?

    Another great sentence: “As far as other countries that have gun laws.” Ummm, sorry, that makes no sense.

    Try copying your posts from a different pamphlet if you want to sound “more smarter,” ok?

  • gregger

    @Jon: Scarah Palin needs to stop using anti-semetic, anti-gay, anti-free speech, pro-violence imagery. The criticism here is about her use of the phrase “blood libel” a term from the middle ages still used today by Jew haters. The basis was the heinous idea that Jews used the blood of Christian children to make their unleavened bread for Passover.

    If she didn’t use the term, she wouldn’t get half of the crap that she’s received. Scarah Palin is a proudly ignorant woman. She chooses to remain ignorant and to not accept that her rhetoric is incendiary and hateful. I hope she continues running her mouth with out looking at what the fall out of her words will be.

  • whatever

    @Daez: You keep mentioning her “base” like a broken record. A candidate needs more than their base to win an election. Independents, who decide elections, absolutely loathe her. Who really cares that 25%, mostly idiot teabaggers love her?

    You don’t seem too bright when it comes to politics. Sorry.

  • whatever

    @Daez: “and the Democrats only strategy to prevent that is to yet again run the black man”

    Uh, you do know that Obama already beat Palin in 2008, right? He garnered close to 70 million votes, more than any candidate in history. Your idiocy is really astounding. My stars.

  • Jeffree

    @Josh: I wonder if Sarah Grizzly-goy Palin used “blood libel” on purpose due to Rep. Giffords’ being Jewish. Palin is herself an Apostolic fundie, a group which looks forward to the “end days.”

    And I suspect our troll-pal “Daez” would answer Katie Couric’s question on what newspapers Palin reads in the same manner: “All of’em.” Don’t ya know that facts don’t matter when they get in the way of yer agenda? Lol…..

  • SFExPat

    @Daez: Other ppl DID have guns at the “Congress on Your Corner” event held by Ms Giffords. One fellow got the shooter’s gun and before he thought to put it down another fellow came out of the store, hand on gun, saw a snapshot of the scene in progress and apparently was prepared to shoot the wrong guy, who had just picked up the gun to get it away from the shooter.

    What a mess coulda ensued if there were even more well-intentioned but unpepared gun carriers, any one of whom could have made honest errors and caused even more tragedy.

    I am totally impressed that other folks (even I think some with guns) still were able to put him down the old-fashioned way. Whack him in the head with a chair, put him on the ground and sit on him till cops arrive.

  • skzip888

    If she were a man, no one would tolerate, much less endear this crap.

  • ewe

    @Daez: Her base is currently running this country you say? Let’s just agree to disagree Daez.

  • ewe

    @Daez: She is bigger than the president you say? Perhaps for comic relief. Come on now? That is just plain nutty.

  • ousslander

    I thin she is right and that the media/others are trying to use this to silence her and her views. crazy disrespectful speech never comes from the other side of the political spectrum.

    and what’s wrong with using the term blood libel? I think it fits. Now let all the name calling and crap start because as a group of people who are very sensitive to words and such, start throwing them out all the while crying about others using similar words.

  • justiceontherocks

    @ousslander: If you don’t understand what’s wrong with using the term “blood libel” in the case of an attempted assassination of a Jewish congresswoman, you may be beyond help. You and Sarah go have your “see how much everyone hates me” pity party. She is irrelevant in American politics, and you are irrelevant on this discussion.



  • PopSnap


    Obama sucks, but Sarah would suck MUCH worse, trust me.

  • justiceontherocks

    Poor Ruth: In America the “Big O” refers to either Oscar Robertson the basketball player or Otis Redding the R & B singer. Both are plainly smarter than the Alaska quitter, even though Redding has been dead since 1967.

    Thanks for stopping by to learn something. Maybe you’ll try again when you aren’t full of Old Milwaukee.

  • Jeffree

    @Ruth Battain:
    You lost your readership at the word SPISS—-that’s not a real word.

    Typing in ALL CAPS is the sign of someone who is new to the internet.
    Please go troll at another site for the cogntively challenged…..

  • ewe

    If you or I put out websites that had bullseyes and crosshairs targeting people, we would be visited by the FBI. We would be investigated. There is no justification why Sarah Palin is not being vigorously interrogated. When the Black Panthers wanted to “reload” decades ago because of their own interpretations, this entire country flew into a tizzy and made sure they were contained. There is no justification why Sarah Palin is not being vigorously interrogated by the FBI.

  • Soupy

    Of course it was Bush who allowed extended magazines for guns to become legal again. Without that, so many people may not have been shot. I guess every gun owner needs 30 extra rounds.

    I do hope that Palin gets the republican nomination for president and puts Michelle Bachmann on her ticket. She can’t win and the debates would be…staggeringly comic.

  • zacht

    @Bookworm: @Devon: guns are weapons of OFFENSE, NOT defense! never ever do i hear of anyone defending themselves, successfully or otherwise, with a personal gun. never. even in this article you posted, it speaks of the man who was carrying a gun, who apprehended the shooter, and who did not even pull out his gun (thankfully). why did he have it on his person in the first place?? did he think that he would need to protect himself walking down the street in public? does that ever really happen? please tell me if it does. on the other hand, my brothers best friend growing up shot herself in the head by accident with a gun that her father kept in the closet, and killed herself. in front of her sister. she was 14.

  • zacht

    @Fitz: defend himself from what? and when? @Justice: rifles for “hunting” are used for snipering. hand grenades could be a sport too but we just cant do it because they are dangerous. you can buy meat at winn dixie.

  • zacht

    @SFExPat: thankfully there are some sane people like us walking around. otherwise everyone would be carrying guns and spouting palinisms.

  • ewe

    Let’s just all remember that the killer is heterosexual and the hero is homosexual. LIKE ALWAYS.

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