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Sarah Palin Endorses Delaware’s Gay Baiting GOP Candidate Christine O’Donnell

Like her support for Dr. Laura, Sarah Palin is using Twitter to hand out endorsements. Like she just did for Christine O’Donnell (after announcing her support on a radio show), who Palin wants to beat Rep. Mike Castle for the GOP nomination in Delaware’s U.S. Senate race. Yes, this is the same Christine O’Donnell whose campaign friends — but not O’Donnell herself, of course — have been insinuating Castle is a homogay. (So goes the web spot: “Isn’t Mike Castle cheating on his wife with a man?”) Not that a nod from Palin puts O’Donnell over the edge. It doesn’t.

[via Salon]

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    PALIN 2012 Gawd, pleeeeezzzzeee………

  • emb

    Palin endorses a homophobe; this is news?

  • tjr101

    Why is this news? Palin is a known extremist.

  • whatever

    Have you read this lady’s position on masturbation? It’s basically, don’t ever do it. I wonder if Bristol Palin heeded that advice…

  • nineinchnail

    Palin’s popularity in the US is evidence that there are some seriously stupid Americans!! ‘

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