Sarah Palin loses in Alaska and people are loving George Takei’s reaction

Sarah Palin and George Takei
Sarah Palin (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0) and George Takei (Photo: Shutterstock)

Sarah Palin lost the special election in Alaska. Former Governor Palin (R) went up against former Alaska state Rep. Mary Peltola to take on the late GOP Rep. Don Young’s remaining term in the House. Young died suddenly in March.

Many expected Palin to win, making the result (51.5% to 48.5%) a major upset. Peltola, a Yup’ik person, also makes history as the first Indigenous Alaskan in Congress. She is also the first woman to hold the House seat.

Palin, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, has yet to concede defeat. Peltola’s apparent victory came after votes were tabulated late yesterday as part of the state’s new ranked-choice voting system.

Twitter responds to Sarah Palin’s defeat

A tweet by actor and LGBTQ activist George Takei about Palin’s defeat has gone viral.

“If a Democrat can win a statewide race in Alaska, Democrats can win everywhere. Congratulations to Mary Peltola on defeating Sarah Palin for Alaska’s Congressional House seat and becoming the first Native Alaskan ever elected to Congress!”

His tweet has had over 39k likes at the time of writing.

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Others also believe that Peltola’s victory, despite Alaska using a ranked-choice voting system not used everywhere, means Democrats can feel a little more optimistic about the looming midterms.

Others had their own hot take.

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Peltola, tweeting about her victory, said, ‘Today is a good day,” alongside an image of the result.

She then went on to thank everyone who helped her achieve victory.

Peltola will now face re-election in November as the incumbent Representative. She may face off again against Palin.

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