Meanwhile, Family Guy Offers Its Own Take...

Sarah Palin Provides Laughs – And Ratings – For SNL

Sarah Palin was quite the punchline this weekend!

First the Republican vice-presidential hopeful showed up on Saturday Night Live, where the cast – including Palin impersonator Tina Fey – feigned surprise at the politico’s presence for the opening sketch, which we’ve included above. You may have seen it, though, because a record 14 million people tuned in to see the politico’s cameo.

Later, during Weekend Update, Palin made another appearance, but served mostly as window dressing while Amy Poehler performed a rap that was “meant” for the Governor. Said track includes send-ups of Alaska, Todd Palin, moose hunting and a call-and-response involving Obama and Ayers. It’s pretty funny and Palin was a good sport. As if she had a choice.

Meanwhile, we’re not sure how the Governor feels about Family Guy‘s take on her her, which involved a time traveling Stewie and Brian encountering some McCain/Palin-supporting Nazis.

See that – and the aforementioned rap – after the jump…