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Sarah Palin Wants CPAC To Be A Place For Conservatives + Gays To Hold Hands And Slap Backs

Though Sarah Palin will continue to avoid CPAC again this weekend, she does have some thoughts on all those conservative groups fleeing the scene over GOProud: it’s nonsense! See, when socially conservative Republicans hobnob with people they don’t agree with (in this case, conservative gays), “you provide good information and balance and you allow for healthy debate,” which, Palin says, “is needed in order for people to gather information and make up their own minds about issues.” And while that’s not a firm enough position on GOProud’s CPAC inclusion for some groups (*cough* American Principles Project *cough*), it seems even CPAC doesn’t agree with her on this one: Fred Karger, the gay Republican presidential hopeful, says in an open letter to the conference’s organizer David Keene that he has “emailed you and other officials with CPAC numerous times over the past two months in an attempt to meet with you during previous trips to Washington to discuss my inclusion [in CPAC]. I never heard back.” CPAC also denied Karger an exhibition booth; floor space was “sold out.” Because sometimes, even the big tent is just over capacity.