Sarah Silverman On Marriage Equality: “Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be A Vote”


“Gay marriage is something that Newark Mayor Cory Booker said it best [about]: Some things are not meant to be a vote. Some things are a right. And if things like that were left for a vote, he said, ‘I wouldn’t be where I am today’—meaning anything that is civil rights. Because people don’t always know what’s best. Their fears keep them from being open and being fair. And so that would just be not up for a vote. Gay marriage, legal, with a big f*cking apology for the past few years.”

—Outspoken actress/comic Sarah Silverman, discussing marriage equality at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new movie, Take this Waltz, in The Hollywood Reporter.

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  • Don

    I’m anticipating a really long thread sidestepping Silverman’s quote to complain about how racist she is and how she’s oblivious to her own white privilege. Yawn. I fucking love her. She’s always stood by gay rights and has a really positive outlook on life. If you actually listen to her speak outside a comedic setting she’s crazy smart and has really well thought-out opinions. I’m so happy to have her as an ally.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I loved “The Sarah Silverman Show” because it presented a gay couple that didn’t look like all the other gay couples we’re used to seeing.

  • Dave

    I used to think she was funny then I found out how she is HIV+ phobic and made fun of world HIV/AIDS day and called it useless.

    BTW it’s not gay marriage, it’s same gender marriage. Plenty of queer identified, bisexual, and trans people get married to people of the same gender or partner with them and they’re not gay/lesbian.

  • Alex

    Dave: I’m not familiar with the HIV comments you’re referring to, so I’ll leave that alone. But your second sentence– really? The whole language police thing again? She’s clearly an ally, even if she didn’t use your preferred wording. I realize I’m probably barking up the wrong tree given where I’m posting, but give it a rest.

  • ChrisC

    @Dave: She also once said in her act that the killing of 60,000,000 Jews is unforgivable, but the killing of 6,000,000 Jews is forgivable; and she’s Jewish! Saying offensive and shocking things is part of her comedy and persona.

  • Tonic


    The HIV/Aids day video was created by Sarah to GET people talking about it! Seriously! That year, it was the only thing I heard about HIV/AIDS day at all – so she accomplished her mission.

    Sarah usually plays a douche-bag character (watch JESUS IS MAGIC) – don’t confuse that with her actually being one! :)

  • Trent

    @Dave: The phrase that the media is using is gay marriage, so that is what people are calling it. You guys and your wording semantics. Wonder why no one wants to help us; its because as soon as they come to our help your strike them down over something stupid like that. Get over it. If you want to label yourself a glitterponyfag and call it glitterponyfag marriage as well, then you do it. But don’t get pissed when everyone else doesn’t jump on board.

  • joe

    I agree with Sarah some right’s should not be up for a vote like the right to get married and the right to own a gun. I’m sure Sarah agrees with me on both points.

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