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Sasha Velour has a big announcement

Performance artist and Drag Race alum Sasha Velour has an exciting announcement: her Qubi series Nightgowns just got the green light for Season 2. She even has a trailer already prepared.

Nightgowns brings Velour’s famed drag revue to the screen, along with a plethora of new, talented performers mentored by the queen herself. The news season will see Velour and her troupe putting together a new show in a new city, one which aims to capture a global audience. Unlike, say, Drag RaceNightgowns features drag kings, and performances have a story-oriented edge that weaves together to form an over-arching theme for the show as a whole.

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“The NightGowns cast and I are ready to give you more shows! This time, building off what we’ve learned, we are dreaming up something even bigger, more global, and more full of love! We are incredibly thankful to Quibi and our audience for giving us the platform and the means to share our lives and how we see the world!,” said Velour of the news. 

Season 2 of Nightgowns does not yet have a set release date.