Why Are We Not Surprised?

Saudi Government Linked To Anti-Gay Texts

The Saudi Arabian government’s been up to some nasty tricks. An independent report out of England says the government has been providing British mosques with anti-Western, anti-gay propaganda.

The Policy Exchange, timing its report to Saudi King Abdullah’s state visit, said the material expressed a deep-rooted antipathy toward Western society, calling for violence against enemies of Islam, including women and gays who demand equal rights.

“Saudi Arabia is the ideological source of much of this sectarianism — and must be held to account for it,” the study said. “Islamic institutions in the U.K. must clean up their act.”

No word on whether Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be discussing the matter with Abdullah. Considering the amount of power, oil and money held by the Saudis, we have a feeling it will conveniently slip his mind.

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  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Ah yes, the Saudis – the House of Saud – with polygamy producing hundreds of “princes of the royal blood” who, with trillionaire wealth, live outside the kingdom in order to enjoy the “decadent pleasures of the west.”

    It was interesting to note that the US government was “sensitive” to their requests in the first Iraqi war to not allow the cross even to be displayed by military chaplains. This is the most extreme form of Islam that disallows anything but complete and utter theocracy to the exclusion of any display or worship otherwise.

    The Cross soaked in urine by Mapplethorpe was considered obscene and vulgar. The true depiction of Christ on the cross without loincloth would have shown his Jewish circumcision (they have even changed the feast day nomenclature of January 1) is considered vulgar and obscene by the fundy neocons and that voice of Romanism, Mr. Donovan. The chocolate Jesus is problematic…..BUT…THE CROSS OR CRUCIFIX SOAKED IN CRUDE OIL IS ABSOLUTELY CANONICAL AND ABSOLUTELY ACCEPTABLE.

  • Bob R

    The true enemy of America in the middle east and the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks were the Saudi’s. Saudi Arabia is the country that should have been invaded by Bush, except that his family is considered part of the Saudi Royal Family. Now, if the US wants to nuke someone for 9/11 or posing a serious terrorist threat, they should nuke Saudi Arabia, home of and financial supporters of Bin Laden and company.

  • johnozed

    To t. Rev. Dr. RES
    Andres Serrano made the Piss Christ artwork. Mapplethorpe was a photographer.

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. RES

    Thank you John…..I will keep my “bad boys” straight from now on……pun unintended LOL

  • Dr Gabriele Marranci

    Dear all

    I have just posted a comment on my Blog about the Policy Exchange’s report on ‘Hate literature’ found in the UK mosques. Although, because of my research and study, I am very aware of the phenomenon, I am very disappointed at the level of the research and the lack of a serious methodology and research plan, which, at the end, invalidate all Policy Exchange’s report.

    I think that research on this topic should be conducted by experienced academics in the field as well as funded by apolitical research bodies. I think that this quite amateurish research and report has damaged the possibility of further serious research.

    Best wishes


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