Saudi Prince Accused Of Forcing Maids To Watch As He Was “Stroked” By Young Male Aide

photo: KTLA
photo: KTLA

A Saudi Arabian prince has found himself at the center of a sex scandal involving a young male staffer and several others in his employment.

Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, son of the late King Abdullah, is facing allegations made by three female staffers employed to work at a party he threw last month at his lavish $37 million Beverly Hill estate (pictured). The women claim Al Saud engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with a male staffer, snorted cocaine, threatened to kill a woman who refused his advances, and sexually assaulted one of his maids, among other things.

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Court documents obtained by Daily Mail Online also show the prince is accused of attempting to urinate on the three women while squealing in a baby voice: “I want to pee pee!” He also allegedly threatened to murder one of them after she refused to “lick his whole body,” and jumped on top of another then writhed against her in “a sexual and aggressive manner.” When she begged him to stop, he allegedly cried: “I am a prince and I do what I want! You are nobody!”

All three of the women also claim they were forced to sit in a room and watch as Al Saud had his penis “stroked” by a male aide, and one of them said she was also made to watch as a different male aide bent over and farted in his face at the prince’s demand.

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The Los Angeles District Attorney is not pressing felony charges against the 29-year-old royal due to lack of evidence; however, the case has been passed on to L.A. city attorney Mike Feur, who is determining whether to pursue misdemeanor charges, punishable with up to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine.

The prince is denying all the allegations. His lawyer, Alan Jackson, told the media: “I will not dignify these salacious allegations, which the District attorney found to be unsupported by evidence, with a response.”

The three women say regardless of what the city attorney chooses to do, they intend on suing Al Saud in civil court. They also say they were never paid for their work and want to recover their lost earnings.

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