Saudis Arrest 55 At “Gay Party”

Saudi Arabia’s ratcheting up its anti-gay policing:

Police in the Gulf kingdom of Saudi Arabia have launched another raid on a so-called gay party, this time in the coastal Qatif province.

Drugs, alcohol were reportedly found at the gathering.

TV channel al-Arabiya reports that two young men wearing women’s make up and dancing together were among 55 people arrested by religious police.

Last month more than 20 men after a raid on another property in Qatif.

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic government has myriad punishments for alleged homos, including the death penalty. Most, however, are lashed. Two men received 7,000 lashes last October.

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  • hells kitchen guy

    Not sure if that’s 7,000 per or 3,500, but that’s what I’d call a death penality.

  • Woof

    Cue sarcasm:

    This can’t be right, gay hate in a Muslim country??


    The camels are at it again but I guess its better they do it over there than over here or in Europe.

  • tallskin

    Hmmm, I would comment about fascist rag-heads but I would be torn to shreds by the PC brigade

  • todd

    Look away, or bomb Iran – these are our Bush friends and allies.

  • Charley

    Didn’t you hear Bush ? “Islam is a peaceful religion” His best friends are the Royal family of this theocratic country.

  • ron

    55 sand niggerz in a room…imagine the smell.

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