Savage Takes On “Gay Mafia”

Michael Savage just can’t get over his homophobia. The conservative radio host recently raised our manicured eyebrows when he again equated queer parenting with child abuse. Now, the windbag’s at it again with his denunciation of last week’s pro-gay victory in Massachusetts, blaming the mythical “gay mafia” for the legislative decision:

In Massachusetts, a gang — including the governor, including the Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi, including Senate president Therese Murray, and including Governor Deval Patrick — they did an end-run around the voters. The voters wanted a vote on homosexual marriage. They wanted it to go before the people, and these criminals went behind the voters’ back and shot it down. They won’t even let them vote on it. They said “drop dead” to all of you. “We’re not going to let you vote on it! We control the state!” The gang that answers to the gay mafia controls the state — “You people, you can drop dead, all of you.”

The gay mafia bought the votes of state representatives, up and down the line — bought them lock, stock, and barrel, like cheap tricks in a gay bathhouse.

The only cheap trick we see around here’s Savage’s tiresome, anachronistic and downright paranoid gay-bashing.