Save Me Gay Heroes!


All you loyal readers know that we have two semi-obsessions: comic books and GLAAD. So, for this very special edition of “Save Me Gay Heroes!,” we’re merging the two. Two days ago, we brought you a little piece about a commissioned GLAAD paper on queers on survivor. Now, we’re bringing to your attention another paper from GLAAD that explores a gay hate crime in the Green Lantern (pictured, in his incarnation from that era) from a few years ago.

It seems the long-running title had a gay character, Terry Berg, who fell victim to some homophobic violence. Needless to say, this was quite a groundbreaking story. By following the link, you too can experience the 33 page magic of GLAAD complete analysis. Neat, huh? In case you’re too lazy – we know you’re not too busy – to read the entire thing, here’s a little clip for you:

The hate crime story line in the Green Lantern provides a comelling opportunity to examine a groundbreaking event in the history of the comic book industry as well as a chance to probe cultural and ideological perceptions regarding GLBT community and anti-gay hate crimes.

What do you expect? Even the watchdogs over at GLAAD have to justify their existence, right? But, seriously, of all the studies at which GLAAD throws money, this is actually one we like.

Shit, did we just say that? Someone needs to do a study on us, because we’ve obviously lost our minds.