Saw V Poster Causes Useless Gay Controversy

“Wil” of blood soaked blog Horror Yearbook really went on a limb today.

A bit irritated by the forthcoming release of the latest installment of torture porn franchise Saw, Wil wonders, “Is Saw V Hiding Homosexual Subliminal Messages in Their Advertising?”

We were mildly amused and entirely bewildered by his rational…

…Has Lionsgate turned to using Homosexual Subliminal Messages in their advertising? Perhaps they feel the need to attract a new type of audience for the film to succeed.

The Saw V teaser poster featured a shirtless man wearing a Jigsaw mask, but if you crop the bottom out, you will notice it looks like a hairy ass. And who doesn’t love them some hairy man ass?

I can’t believe Lionsgate has resorted to such cheap tactics, or maybe I applaud them – I’m not quite sure yet.

We have a feeling this kid would get along well with loony tune political hopeful and Freddy Krueger look-a-like Joe Sweeney.

Anyway, this doesn’t look that much like a butt, unless it’s smooshed on one side…