Say Cheese: Send Us Your Photos From Chick-Fil-A Kiss-In Day!

There’s not many Chick-fil-As in our neck of the woods, so unfortunately we’re not able to take part in today’s planned National Same-Sex Kiss Day at franchises across America. But we’d love to see photos and clips of you and your loved ones striking a blow—well, more like pressing the flesh—for equality.

Got a photo? Send it to us at [email protected] and we’ll add it to our slideshow!



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  • Shadeaux

    I guess to each their own. I wouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt. If they don’t want me there, I don’t want to go there. I avoid driving on the same street they’re located. FVCK ‘EM! They’re getting way too much publicity at our expense.

  • Spike

    Who came up with this nonsense. The christian haters made a HUGE point by showing up buying food their the other day, and they loved telling EVERYONE, and letting all their co-workers know they were eating there, etc.

    Seriously, how pointless is it to show up and kiss? Gays have much better things to do and really, kissing, how embarrassing that this would be the response. There are much bigger battles to fight and this one is a loosing one.

  • hector

    Oh please, let ’em kiss.

  • B

    If the protests go on long enough and you really want to annoy them, get this
    tee shirt:

    It’s not the message they’d want customers to see (a suggestion to improve
    one’s diet, which would probably mean eating elsewhere).

  • Not Good!

    These kiss-ins are not getting any traction and are very sparse. Most of these restaurants are located in southern, redneck areas and will only result in gay-bashing incidents when they catch “them queers” kissin’.

  • Ronn

    @Shadeaux: I so agree. I know their hearts are in the right place but I’m not sure kiss-ins are going to change anything with this bigoted company. History has shown over and over = the real way to hurt bigoted companies and/or establishments is to hit them in the pocket book. We hae ot remember that the things like the Monetgomery bus boycott didnt succeed over night, getting Dr. Laura’s sponsors didnt drop over night,etc.- it takes time. So it’s a matter of GLBT folks and our allies making a vow to NEVER EVER spend money at chik-fil-hate vs these so called Christians showing up for one day to support bigotry. Whoever has the tenacity to stick to their guns over a period of time will prosper.

  • Mark J.

    Good for them. When shoved to a corner, our community has every right to use our voice and actions to speak OUR convictions

  • Stepehen Jiles

    There’s nothing offensive about a gay couple kissing. I can’t walk down the street without seeing a dozen straight couples kissing here in Santa Monica, every which way. And not one eye lash bats in concern. To even suggest there’s something offensive about a loving gay couple sharing a smooch is the epitome of homophobia itself.

  • 2Dads

    The kiss-ins aren’t really about ‘changing minds’
    We’re at a space in our plight where we can’t change every single person’s mind. That is a lost cause in and of itself. Those who request gays act like angelic saints when in public are almost “blaming the victim” mentality in that, our quest for equal rights shouldn’t be at the mercy of us acting according to how the big hetero demands us to. We have an inherent freedom to be gay, coupled up, happily so, and be met with the EXACT rights in the law of the land. We shouldn’t, nor should we consider, tailoring what comes natural to human nature (love, affection, and reflex in showing your partner affection) all to HOPE it results in straights giving us a pity vote.
    My idea of equal, free and pursuit of happiness is being able to (legally and within reason) do everything that heterosexuals do on a daily basis and not be mistreated for it. A kiss, a hug, or holding hands when it feels right is part of that formula. To ask me to not do that, while my heterosexual friend can, is to grant me selective equality. I don’t need permission to kiss the one I love.

  • Collin

    Yeah, it’s not about altering minds. It’s about validating the notion that…hey, if YOU’RE going to stand in line for hours all to celebrate being against my rights. I’m going to exercise my own rights, and part of that IS being able to kiss my boyfriend. And these guys shouldn’t ever have to apologize for it. No more than someone who goes in line for hours to promote discrimination against us ever apologized for their brand of bigotry.

  • DlinchNYC

    I resent the idea that straight people can hold massive protests outside our weddings, funerals and deny us basic rights, but when we react, we have to hear a mouthful about how WE’RE being appropriate. That is both calculating and raping the facts. Gay people don’t need to apologize for the bigotry thrown at them, nor are they the ones who need to act like model citizens. Straight people who are anti gay are the ones who should do some soul searching. If they are upset at the behavior of gays or how gays are frustrated, they might want to ask themselves why that is. Gay people have every right, I’d argue a duty, to react. That reaction won’t be the same across the board. There is no mandated policy to react the same toward homophobia, as there is no one size fit all reaction toward racism. Some of my friends who have faced racism have various forms of responding to it, and it each works for them on a personal account based on injustices they may have faced. Same applies to gay people. Not all have to be silent protestors who simply stay quiet, and keep it in the closet. Some are vocal…and all the more power to them!

  • Real Talk

    Not every gay person lives their lives hoping to appease heterosexuals. Not every gay person wishes to leave their home mindful 24/7 of “ok, what does this hetero think of me? I better behave” That’s a pretty bigoted demand to make of the gay community. We never require latinos or black people to all act a certain way …”OR ELSE”…and to even suggest that is infuriating.

    I appluad every gay couple who stuck their neck out because *for them* it felt right to participate in this kiss in and they did so bravely and unapologetically. I truly respect and honor that.

  • Kyle

    My gay boyfriend and I kiss in public all the time. We make no apologies about it. I love him, he loves me, when it feels right, we’ll go in for a peck or hold hands. You better get over it. There’s millions of same sex couples out there, and nothing is more romantic and liberating than sharing that you’re in love, even if it’s in public. Of course we don’t full on start grabbing body parts or do anything inappropriate, but I’ll be d-mned if I ever censor myself or worry about not coming off gay, because some bigot to my right is going to have his day ruined knowing we exist. We do exist, and I don’t need to conform myself to a bigoted world, a bigoted world needs to conform itself to my existence, and the existence of some 40 million LGBT in this country.

  • AustinITE

    There’s something so charming about a same sex kiss. I just think they are almost always so much more cute than their heterosexual counter parts kissing. Maybe it’s cuz we see breeders kissing every day everywhere and it’s not as unique, but something about gay kisses make me just…happy.

  • SFMatt

    I agree Spike kiss ins are completely pointless and stupid.

  • DexinTex

    Dear Gay Brothers & Sister
    I must ask why didn’t we take the high road and simply say the owner of Chik Filet is entitled to his opinion. Kiss Ins are silly and discredits us. All we have done is make this idiot richer.

  • Brandon

    Real talk and Dilch, yeah and if LGBT people want to protest we can do this without stupid things like Kiss Ins that don’t accomplish anything and just make us look bad.

  • Darren

    2Dads quit talking out of your ass, nobody cares about Kiss INs this isn’t the early 90s!


    @Shadeaux: I bet you avoid a lot of streets!


    @Not Good!: @Shadeaux: I bet you avoid a lot of streets!


    @Not Good!: Hey sweetie pie, there were 30 GLBT’s showing in ATL today and no incidents reported… And if there were any they’d definitely be reported!

    Now that we’ve settled your issue… What about the vandalism from GLBT’s who painted graffiti on the outside walls of Chick-fil-a restaurants?! Oh wait a minute, that’s acceptable now isn’t it? Would you find it acceptable for a gay-oriented biz to have their place of biz vandalized? OF COURSE NOT! Doing so would constitute a hate crime!

    What hypocrisy!

  • L.L

    If this was blacks being discriminated …they’d be rioting the streets. That whole Trayvon Martin show they put was ridiculous. but when we are protesting our rights being violated, we’re out of line? gimme a break. we need more of these events!

  • JoJo

    I think this was wonderful. The whole mission of the anti gay agenda is to terrorize us into feeling shamed to be gay. They want us to go into hiding. And stay closeted. Kiss ins, and PROUDLY showing off your partner makes it very visible how gay we are, and that we gays aren’t going anywhere.

  • ZaddO

    I hold my boyfriends hand everywhere we go. I actually feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t or can’t. Must suck.
    I AM gay, and considering the courage it takes to be gay, I’m very, VERY proud to be a gay man. No need to hide anything here.

  • YayoooSid

    Kiss Ins show that you can’t break us apart, or break us down. Many of us are perfectly proud to be gay and in amazing relationships. So keep spewing bigotry, and attempting to vote, we’ll still be in gay relationships that we’ll show off in public. The days of keeping gay behind closed doors is over. In Los Angeles, I see gay couples everwyehere making it identifiable that they are a couple and I completely encourage more of it.

  • Valejo

    Kiss ins are hardly wrong, and neither meant to be effective or ineffective. Just meant to be a statement. Not every gay member in our community must have the same approach. If some want to express themselves through kissing, I find it to be an actual peaceful, and positive display. If YOU want to turn a kiss into something vile and evil, that’s on you…and you might want to ask yourself why you feel gays kissing is so evil. But for those of us who are gay and who do kiss in public (glad to know there’s many others out there like my boyfriend and I) then we will cotinue doing so, whenever we want. Without ever giving much thought to what you or others think, because as a tax paying adult who’s rent you’re not paying, we really don’t need to be concerned with how wrong you think us kissing is. Pretty nice how that works, ey?

  • mc

    i just saw it on the news which covered it for a few seconds. They showed some good looking guys kissing and then interviewed them where they explained about their wish to be treated equally & for marriage equality. It came across very respectful while they made their point. I don’t get why anyone made a fuss about this on here. Hopefully this signals the end of chicken stories.

  • Not Good

    @URDUMB: Streets? No, but I do avoid redneck southern states like the plague though. The stupid burns too much.

  • Not Good

    @URDUMB: Wow your user name is pretty ironic, and hilarious! You just ignorantly assume that I would condone vandalism without me making a single comment about any said vandalism, sweetie pie. And then you call my NON-COMMENT on the issue hypocrisy. I think it’s safe to say that you are delusional.

  • hotboi2805

    People, people!!!! chick fil a is not the only ones who are anti gay corporation theres the following as well; urban outfitters, exxon moblie, wal mart, A-1 Self-Storage Company, The Salvation Army, forever 21, Boy Scouts of America, AutoZone Inc, Cracker Barrel restaurants, Cinemark, Domino’s Pizza, Golfland Entertainment Centers,, Manchester Grand Resorts, Meijer Inc, Dish Network,, Koch Brothers, Amway products such as cosmetics, food products, gyms, hotels, car-dealerships, and target used to be well they still are but the owners wont admitted that there against it. but com’n are you actually gonna boycott all these companies.

  • hotboi2805

    People need to take a chill pill. If I boycotted every restaurant, clothing line, and entertainment provider, whose political ideology I disagreed with, I’d be hungry, naked, and bored. How does one’s stance on gay marriage affect chicken sandwiches and waffle fries? It doesn’t.

    Chick-fil-A has gotten some seriously undeserved feedback for simply stating that they’re supportive of traditional marriage. Who cares? What does that have to do with chicken? Are they refusing to serve people based on their sexual orientation or their stance on gay marriage? Maybe that would be a story worth reporting.

    Oh my gosh, alert the presses that there is a company that espouses family values! How dare they, as a private company, stand up for their beliefs? I mean, what has this county come to? How dare they stay married to their (first wives!)

    Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno is even threatening to block the restaurant chain from opening a second store in the “increasingly trendy” Northwest Side ward. Why does Mr. Moreno want to deprive his constituents of flaky biscuits? Furthermore, is he going to go around to every business in his district and ask if they support gay marriage, and shut them down if they don’t? Yeah, that’ll be good for the economy.

    This whole thing is silly. This is a private company, and the personal views of Dan Cathy have nothing to do with the product they provide or the service they offer. They’re not refusing to serve anyone based on their sexual orientation, race, or gender.

    Give Chick-fil-A a break, and as the cows say: “Eat Mor Chikin.”

  • mc

    @hotboi2805: Oh cry me a river over the poor billionaire. He’s got issues with the alderman then he can afford the lawyers to deal or he can use the ACLU. But that’s the way the city runs. Walmart spent years trying to get inroads into Chicago and they had to compromise with the unions over employee pays to do so.

    They were attempting to work something out with this franchise and it was taking months to do so. The CEO’s statement didn’t help but it wasn’t like they were going to approve it immediately before that anyway. It’s a process to get city approval for any business.

    People also have a right to boycott especially as the CEO is more than just talk and considering how he spends his money on anti gay groups. And people get to pick & choose what they object to. Maybe it’s not feasible or practical to protest and boycott every business but it’s pretty simple one to avoid a fast food chicken place. It’s not like there’s no other options for food.

  • CollinSWorth

    @hotboi2805: You are soooo stupid that I sincerely feel 10 x more stupid for having read what you wrote. Wow.

  • MikeySaintU

    @hotboi2805: did you really just type that? Congratulations, that was one of the most ignorant comments on this topic I’ve read on here, and that’s saying a lot.

  • SoletStar

    @hotboi2805: Haahaha look at the scared Chik Fil A plants begging for our money. They literally got loads of these trolls on various blogs, including creating fake facebook accounts, all to practiculy beg us to bring our gay dollars. Hey boo boo, you have forever lost the gay community. And Hermain Cain announcing today on Fox News that he personally spoke to Dan Cathy who revealed he has just donated another million to anti gay organizations sure doesn’t help your cause either. You’ll never ever everrrr get the gay community back. Suck on that

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    It’s clear you’re a company employee trolling online defending your company.

    That said, this is not about opinions on marriage–it’s about donating money to hate groups. And one particular hate group who helped draft the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda. Your boss can feel whatever he wants about marriage. But when he funds anti-gay hate organizations, he deserves all the derision heaped upon him.

    Now go tell your bosses that.

  • Charli

    @Not Good:
    Lucky you, that you can avoid the Southern states. Some of us have jobs and family here. My mother is 75 yrs old. I can’t very well run off to NY( but I’d love too.) My job takes me to the N.E. quite a bit, but why should i abandon my family , just to cave in to ” insecure rednecks”? I am VERY assertive, and I have a reputation for taking ZERO bullshit from any bigot.
    These ignorant bigots down here have a way of thinking that if you ” look like a gay woman” it’s ok, but if you are an attractive female, well all bets are off and they will react with hate! Makes you wonder what goes through their minds that makes them so insecure. Wherever we go they will stare a hole in you, and then when they realize we are together and ” it ain’t that kind of party” Lawd don’t they get pissed!!!

    But we ARE on the fronline of the movement, if we weren’t here to fight the good fight what progress could our community make? These asshats ARE going to move aside and watch me live weather they like it or not!!! I don’t tolerate their bullshit in any shape or form, PERIOD!!!

  • Belize

    @hotboi2805: “If I boycotted every restaurant, clothing line, and entertainment provider, whose political ideology I disagreed with, I’d be hungry, naked, and bored.”

    LOL. It’s not our fault you live in some poor unfortunate farm town where every operation is stupid enough to air their “beliefs.” I’m pretty sure you can move given the amount of money Chick-Fil-A must be paying you post such ridiculously stupid comments online. :)

  • Dagrlzrd

    When you are fabulous one must expect knuckle dragging turd-heads to be vicious and jealous,consumed by hate and prone to adhere to dogmatic religious beliefs that foster these attitudes.I am not a Christian and I thank the Goddess for that.But as I understand it Christ taught peace, tolerance,love and understanding.It just breaks my heart that we gays must share this world with such as that. Our best revenge is to just go on being gorgeous colorful happy people. I believe we should stand up for our rights but do it with a smile on our faces and and fabulous frock on our back.

  • David

    This is so incredibly embrassing for the gay community. I’m so ashamed to be gay after seeing stupid crap like this. If they don’t want gays to shop there then don’t go. Its quite simple. Making out in a public place isn’t going to change their mids idiots…

  • Chuck

    @David: I agree. The only reason people have kiss-ins is to try to offend them. It’s a waste of time.

  • Cowboyhughes

    Yes, we sure will have kiss ins, and you bigots trolling on here can eat your hearts out. Gays are everywhere and we have no plans on going anywhere. Better get used to us kissing, holding hands and speaking about our boyfriends. And some of us love that it’s p-ssing you bigots off :)

  • Polley

    Every group in history that has been persecuted fought back in very agressive manners. As a matter of fact, reading dozens of history books, I’d venture to say LGBT have by far been the ‘softest’ in their approach to combat persecution. Read up on the women’s liberation circa late 60s early 70s (staging a MASSIVE protest in the middle of the live Miss America pageant1969, which was the highest rated special of the time) that is celebrated as a defining moment for the womens movement. If gays ever do something like that or something that dares showcase their frustration and passion, the self hating apologist crowd wouldn’t quit screaming how horrible the entire community is. Said crowd is also usually the ones who resent any gay who looks or acts gay, so you wonder if the issue for them is really kiss ins or the fact that gays are idebtifiably gay and dont choose to be ”passable hetro’ like them. Something to think about. And while you are, look into the actions of the chicano movement. Kiss ins would be considered angelic considering the fight they gave anyone in their way.

  • B

    Meanwhile the Chick-Fil-A outlets closest to San Fransisco had relatively few people attending the kiss-in. These outlet (all 2 of them) are located in Fairfield, which is about 40 miles from San Francisco, and not very accessible on a Friday evening due to heavy commute traffic plus those heading to Lake Tahoe and similar destinations for the weekend. You’d need a car – by public transportation from San Francisco, it would take 3 hours to get there and you’d have to spend the night as there is no way to get back that day.

    So, people mostly decided the “kiss in” was not worth the hassle of driving through gridlock.

  • Bert

    I think this was beautiful. The kiss in photos I’ve seen were quite romantic actually. Gays will continue to kiss and kiss in public and if they want to kiss in protest too, that’s their right and perfectly peaceful. I encourag everyone to express their inner emotions toward homophobia they face. An not just settle with dealing with it. If that means kissing each other… Good for you. Be proud

  • NetworkNash

    Something fearlessly strong about gay men who celebrate their relationships, even in public, and make a satement with it. Gays kissing is not insulting. It can actually be a very lovely expression and it’s not the responsibility of gay people to make bigots less homophobic toward a same sex kiss. I refuse to ever stop myself from kissing a boyfriend if I want, when I want, because of a cowardly fear of straight people. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I was that concerned with living my life for others. That’s weak.
    Proud of these men who are anything but weak

  • PolySci Babe

    Chick Fil-A donates to religious groups whose views are against those of Gay America. It is a private company, they can do or say whatever they wish. Also, since the Supreme Court upheld the no limit on political contributions, what is the beef about. You want to cry about corporations giving money to political hate groups? Cry about Wal-Mart! Also, the CEO made a comment in an obscure religious publication. The gay activist who dug up that comment through negative data mining picked the wrong fight with the wrong one. The CEO agreed with the biblical definition of marriage. BTW, that means no divorce so his deftly stated comment wasn’t just at gays. But since you all are so in your “feelings”, of course you think it was solely at you. If you need some references for true hate speech and real bigotry, watch the PBS documentary “Eyes on the Prize”. Jusdt because someone doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean they are bigots, LIKE YOU. The next time gays go looking for soft targets to bully and tease, and you all always go for the soft targets, better make sure it is a soft target.

  • Greg

    @PolySci Babe: Spoken like a typical angry black person. what? you mad that YOU PEOPLE can’t claim racism anymore? because that’s all you’re good for…playing the race card. You wouldn’t be anywhere without affirmitive action and whats more is, you’re still not anywhere even with affirmitive action in place, you’re still out killing each other in droves. YOU PEOPLE are the last to serve advice. Clean your own homes, and the mess in them, before telling the gay community what to do.

  • Datu Man

    @PolySci Babe: Why do you black people think you have monopoly on civil rights? You don’t. You never did. You never will. You are the most resented demographic, not just by caucasians, but come ask my Filipino family what they think of black people, Asians in general, ever been to a middle eastern country, or LATIN country? And why is it do you think that so many different groups of people don’t care for your people? Could it be because black folks are some of the most insular in the world? You only care about one thing, and one thing only, one group and one group only, one cause and one cause only: blacks. You don’t give a bald spot about muslims, illegal immigrants, the living conditions of Asians, or especially homophobia. You actually are the first in line in mass to promote some of those things- especially being anti illegal immigration and immigration in general and gay rights- You are the only people who see the success of others as a threat to yourselves. I agree with the person above, you all are the very last people qualified to dish out advice.

  • PolySci Babe

    @Datu Man: who cares what your no-plumbing, tent-living, illiterate family thinks. Go ask a Saudi what he thinks of his Filipina maid. P.S., most Muslims in the U.S. are blacks. NEXT.

    @Greg: it is you who sounds like the racist, most white gay males are, esp. the closeted in corporate america. As for killing, barebacking is running a close second to gangbanging. And my home is clean now you go clean your meth lab living room Ms. Tina.

    Of course both of you evaded my relevant points: support of the biblical definition of marriage does not only refer to different gender marriage. Stop looking for a fight. A bigot is not someone who disagrees with you, and money to religious groups will do far less damage to society than money to secular political PACs. You all didn’t have to pick this fight. BTW, I am not trying to score points, but I am pro-marriage equality, so fuck the both of you.

  • Jeremy.Miami

    @PolySci Babe: The civil rights movement took decades uponj decades to achieve any effectiveness, and it’s based on the flaws of many of the people in the black community. And to this day, you have some hundreds of black children shooting themselves on th streets of one city alone in a matter of a few months. The gay rights movement basically started in 2003 with the decriminalization of homosexuality and I’d say in a matter of 9 years we sure have made great strides. I think we’re doing okay following our own guide book, but thanks for the advice anyways.


    @ 49-50-51- Yasss. It’s always about “black people” hating on “dem gays”, chitty gays with that kind of mentality always leave me gagging. Let me break it down- The black people I know support me and don’t have a problem with me being LGBT and some of them couldn’t care less. I hang out with “thugs”, as you people call them, and they don’t have a beef with me being LGBT. I like to know how you three polled every black person in America because I didn’t see y’all no where in my “hood”? I have no problem calling black people out for being homophobic but I’ll be damn if I let gay people trash the entire black community, I don’t put up with it when I hear black folk talk mess about the LGBT community so why should I put up with it when LGBT people do it about the black community?


    And let’s clear this delusional idea of race and sexuality being the same, they are not. The same LGBT people who are so butt hurt over some dumb ass black homophobes are probably the same ones who would have had no problems with the Jim Crow Laws. It never fails, every post on this site the focus for some commentors always seem to be on black people.
    @Jeremy.Miami: Think again.
    @Datu Man: So if all the people you claim hate black people soooooo much then why did I see those same people you mentioned standing with black people in the Chick-fil-A line? Yeah, some were doing it to support free speech just like some of the “blacks” but some, just like some of those “blacks”, were real bigots too. The last I checked LGBT people were still the most hated people in the world, you can’t see that because you waste so much of your time thinking about black people.

  • David

    Glad to see this ignorant idea was a massive FLOP!

  • JohnnyBoy

    @Jeremy.Miami: I think you need to think again if you think gays are doing okay. Stop kidding yourself.

  • JohnnyBoy

    @Datu Man: You do understand what an embarrassment you are to the whole LGBT movement right now, don’t you? The sad thing is I am probably younger than you and I have to educate you because you are ignorant. You can’t generalize an entire race. When you generalize an entire group of people based on race, gender, or sexuality you sound like a bigot and you look like a fool. I feel sorry for you that you are a racist. Hopefully you can overcome your issues and love instead of hate. Otherwise, you’re no different from the rest of the scum out there who we are fighting against.

  • Drew

    Are the blacks really coming here and giving gays advice and telling us WE’RE approaching our rights wrongly? Uhm, y’all do realize half of your men either end up in jail while the other half are shot dead in black on black crimes, right? LOL. A little prespective goes a long way.

  • JohnnyBoy

    @Drew: lol @ “the blacks.” Is that like “the gays?”

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