NY Man Blames Tacky Unwelcoming On God

Say No To Gay Sign

Rick Piper works in insurance, but he sure ain’t progressive. The 56-year old, who lives in some place called Southport, NY, stunned neighbors by placing an anti-gay marriage sign in his small business window. Before you jump to any crazy conclusions, though, let’s hear his Biblically-endorsed side of the story.

It’s sin, that’s all. It’s not so much about how I feel about it. It’s not an issue with me. It’s an issue with God.

It doesn’t have anything to do with customers. God says it’s wrong, so there’s not that much there for me to guess about. I believe it.

Yes, there’s no need to think for yourself when you have a clever scapegoat like “God,” whoever that is.

Resident queer Noel Kratzer certainly thought about Piper’s protest – and she’s definitely not down:

Honestly, there are a lot of gay couples that are saving kids who don’t have homes, who don’t have anything. So we are saving kids. I felt like it’s a really big slam toward us. It’s discriminating. You wouldn’t post signs about black people or a person of another race.

Ya, but we bet a lot of people would if they could. Katzer goes on to wonder what would possess a man like Piper to butt into other people’s businss. Asks Kratzer, “Why would you want to lose business over something that doesn’t even really concern you?” Easy: Piper and his ilk are pricks who can’t think for themselves. Oh, and possibly inbred.