SC Lawmakers Squash Gay Ads

South Carolina’s gay no more. Well, their tourism board isn’t, anyway.

Hoping to profit on the pink dollar, an eager beaver state tourism agent signed up with London-based Amro Worldwide to market the Palmetto State to the gays. South Carolina would have joined London, Atlanta, New Orleans and a host of other cities in the “So Gay” campaign.

The deal would require the state to pay $1.4 million, as well as cost about $5,000 from the tourism agency.

Conservative politicians were displeased, to say the least, and squashed the plan

…Lawmakers were shocked to learn about the campaign, with state Sen. David Thomas, R-Greenville, calling for an audit.

Joel Sawyer, spokesman for Gov. Mark Sanford, said using tax money to support a social or political agenda is inappropriate.

“Our state tourism dollars should be talking about the beaches and attractions of South Carolina,” Sawyer said.

Senator Thomas also remarked, “South Carolina is a wonderful, family friendly destination not a Southern version of San Francisco. This campaign goes against our core values.” No San Fran values here, no sir!

Meanwhile, a tourism board spokesman said the rogue deal-making agent “exercised extremely poor judgment.” So did the ad campaign’s designer – “From the plantations to the Civil War”? Yeah, the slave days sure are enticing!