SC Mayor Complains That “Queers” Are Trying To Ram Marriage “Down My Throat”

The halls of democracy sometimes ring with strange voices, and none of them is stranger than Linda Oliver’s. The mayor of West Union, SC, which judging from its elected representative is somewhere on the far side of Alpha Centauri, went on an epic rant on Facebook complaining about marriage equality because a clerk in North Carolina has granted same-sex couples the right to apply for marriage licenses. In Oliver’s own words:

“What’s it gonna take to get these queers to realize they don’t need a piece of paper. God will not bless their union because he plainly speaks against queers in the Bible. Want to cover your queer with insurance? Buy a policy. Want your queer to get your stuff when you die? Make a will.”

West tried to make the post disappear, but the Internet has a way of being permanent. It’s queer that way.

In a subsequent conversation with a local TV station, West couldn’t help introducing Herr Freud into the mix, saying of marriage equality, “I don’t want it rammed down my throat.”

Needless to say, West knows that she is the victim here, particularly after a Facebook petition started circulating to get her recalled from office. “All I can say is if people want to crucify me that’s fine. I know that following Jesus, I’m going to be crucified,” she said, modestly comparing herself to the Savior.

And just in case you don’t think West has learned her lesson, she says in her apology that she has and will never use the word queer again. ” If people would read the whole thing they’ll see that I plainly said I will not say that anymore, I’ll say homosexual.”

Better if she just shut up.

Photo credit: Facebook